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    September 2011          
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Horoscope for the New Jewish Year 5772

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jewish Magazine Staff

Every year the Jewish Magazine staff makes its way over to visit our dear friend Yaakov Kronenberg, our resident Kabbalist and astrologer, to hear what he has to tell us regarding what the world will look forward to for the coming year. Last year we saw some remarkable predictions, such as an attack on Iran. Well, there was not a conventional attack, meaning the type of military attack that we have become accustomed to such as an aerial bombing, but rather there was an attack of a different type and it was quite a significant attack on the Iranian’s ability to manufacture a nuclear bomb. The now famed Sutnex worm virus did as much damage as several well placed bombs but left little trace of the perpetrator.

Also Yaakov predicted the popular Arab uprising which came to be known in the media as the Arab Spring. This is still being played out in Syria and Libya, and has brought about changes in Egypt and Yemen.

Now we are riveted to our seats in Yaakov's study to hear what will the new Jewish year bring for the Jews and the world?

Yaakov: Israel has Saturn going over Israel’s rising sign which is the sign on the Eastern horizon that came about when the state of Israel was declared. The rising sign is the most significant sign according to Jewish astrologers. Saturn is the planet of contraction, limitation and feelings of isolation and feelings of lack of abilities to deal with problems. This can lead the Israeli government to giving up or over reaction to the problems. Saturn goes over the ascendant once every thirty years. The last time was in 1981 which was the start of the Lebanese war when the Israelis thought that they could get rid of their problems very quickly. They advanced into Beirut and had a chance to capture Arafat, who was at that time the head of the PLO terrorist group. Instead they let him go free. The nature of Saturn is to fight wars to destroy the enemy to prevent the enemy from coming back.

The Arabs also read Astrology and act upon it. They see that Israel is in a very weak state astrologically. Netenyahu also has a difficult chart with four planets on the ascendant of Israel so Saturn is crossing them too; therefore he will be pressured from all sides. They therefore want to get a state in September since they see that as our weakest time. The Hamas and Egyptians also see this as our weakened state and they therefore try at this time to attack us at this time.

My own feeling is that Israel will delay and then delay again until they feel that they have no choice but to make a very big attack. It is going to be a difficult ten month period. An attack may bring them some relief from the constant attacks from the Gaza strip but the problems of serious stress and pressure are there in Israel for the next ten to twelve months. It is not just the local Arabs who know that this will be a most difficult time for the Israelis, also the Hezbollah and the Syrians and Egyptians know this and may also cause problems. Once the Israelis go past their breaking point, anything can happen and they might just do what they should have done a long time ago.

Turning towards America, I predicted several years ago that there would be upheavals around the world. Now it is affecting the Arabs world with reveberations inside of countries and wars between countries. I see it astrologically because Uranus which is the planet of sudden change and it changes signs every eight years. Now it is entering into the sign of Aires which is the sign of war and upheavals. It can be seen historically that after every economic collapse there is a following political collapse or upheaval. This is since the people are suffering economically until leaders come along to revive the people’s need for economic and social prosperity. After the great depression, Hitler and Mussolini came to power as well as Roosevelt and Stalin which caused World War Two. This is one of the most important reasons that the governments today are trying so hard to fix the economic woes of their respective countries. They are aware that if they if they do not succeed they will be ousted from office and something worse may come in.

The revolutions have just started in the Arab world, but it just might spread to Europe and Americas. There is too much disparity between the wealthy class and the poor. The poor suffer much more from the economic turn down than do the wealthier classes. In the USA, the government bailed out the wealthy at the expense of the poor creating a very volatile situation. The USA is in an economic down turn which will eventually cause a reduction in their military might.

Obama’s chart is very weak, just like his predecessor George Bush. When a leader has a weak chart, this is a sign that the country he leads is in bad shape. Clinton and Reagan had strong charts and the country was very successful under their leadership. Obama's chances of winning re-election are very slim; he only won the elections because George McCain had an even weaker chart. Obama’s planet that rules his career is in the house of death - this means that he will cause much death in the world. Obama, although highly intelligent, does not really have political experience that could help America through their crises, his negotiating skills are poor and he just does not have the ability to pull America out of its problems.

America wants to debase their money in order to pay off their debts. This is not the proper way to take care of their economic woes. Until the elections, nothing will happen since no one wants to make changes that are extraordinarily painful, but after the elections who ever becomes president will have to do something about the falling economy. Then the real pain will be felt.

I have been recommending people to buy gold since the year 2005. Gold is a de facto currency. I expect it to go up much higher than it is now since I see that there will eventually be a currency war between various countries. Eventually investors will turn to gold mining companies, but for now gold is limited in availability therefore it is shooting up and will continue to do so.

Yaakov is available for private consultations. He can be reached via email at


from the September 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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