Oslo - 5 Years Late

    November 1998         
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The following information has been provided by the Israeli Government Press Office and printed here as a public service.

In 5 Years Since Oslo, More Israelis Have Been Killed by Palestinian Terrorists than in the 15 Years Prior to the Accord Death Toll Since Oslo is 50% Greater than During the Intifada

More Israelis have been killed by Palestinian terrorists in the 5 years since the first Oslo agreement was signed in September 1993 than in the 15 preceding years, the Israel Government Press Office (GPO) announced.

A total of 279 men, women and children have been killed in 92 lethal attacks by Palestinian terrorists since the signing of the Oslo Accords. This does not include victims of attacks launched by Lebanese-based terror organizations or incidents along Israel's borders.

As Figure 1 below indicates, the number of people killed by Palestinian terrorists in the 5 years since Oslo (279) is larger than the number killed in the 15 years which preceded the agreement (254).

Fatalities in Palestinian Terror Attacks Since 1978

It should be noted that in the last two years, since the present Prime Minister, Mr Netenyahu's term in office, the fatalities in terror incidences have gone down.

Table 1 below presents comparative data concerning the number killed by Palestinian terrorists during the six years of the intifada and the five-year period since the Oslo accord.

Table 1: Comparison of Oslo and the Intifada
Jews killed in
Palestinian terror attacks
6 years of Intifada
(Dec. 9, 1987 to Sep. 9, 1993)
5 years since Oslo Accord
(Sep. 9, 1993 to Nov. 1998)
15 years prior to the Oslo Accord
(From 1978 to Sep. 9, 1993)

As the table demonstrates, the number of people killed by Palestinian terrorists since Oslo (279) is more than 50% greater than the number killed during the six years of the intifada (172).

Note: Figures include Israeli civilians and security personnel, and foreigners killed in Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel and the territories. They do not include Palestinians killed by other Palestinians on suspicion of cooperating with Israel.

The date of September 9, 1993 is used above to mark the beginning of the Oslo process since it was on that date that Chairman Arafat and the late Prime Minister Rabin exchanged letters in which Arafat renounced terrorism and recognized Israel. These letters were incorporated into the Oslo Accords, which were signed on the White House Lawn four days later.

The conclusion to be drawn here is simple. Oslo has not brought peace. It has brought more shed blood, more maiming, more terror and horror and more is being planned. To give in to Arab demands for "peace" with out seeing any rise in friendship between Jews and Arabs is insane. Until a Jew can walk through Jericho or Gaza city with the same feeling of security that an Arabs strolls through Tel Aviv or Haifa, no further exchanges should be made.

With out clear demonstrations on the part of the Arab leaders and population, that they in deed, as well in word, desire peace, we are merely killing ourselves for a non existent peace.

Based on Information Provided by the Israel Government Press Office


from theNovember 1998Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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