Israeli Poll shows Israeli youth lean towards the Right

    November 1998         
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Recent Israeli Poll shows Israeli youth lean towards the Right


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The Recent Israel Poll
by the Jewish Magazine Staff

According to a recent poll made in September, 1998, which polled some 500+ Israeli youth between the ages of 16-18 interesting trends were noted. The poll was carried out by "Dahaf" and reported in the "Yediot Ahronot" daily newspaper. The results were a bit surprising since most of the local news sources have assumed that the average Israeli is "pro-peace," meaning for the Oslo accords and that he is anti-religious. The results of the polls are as follows.

In questions regarding peace and concessions to the Arabs the following is the leaning of the youth questioned:

Center Right6%
Center Left5%
No Reply11%

The obvious results from this article is the strong showing for the Right, the hawkish group who support the current Prime Minister Netenyahu and his tough stand against granting liberal concessions. The Left is the doveish group calling for granting large concessions to the Arabs with little security concerns.

The second surprise was that if election were to be held now 41% would vote for Netenyahu, while only 22% would support his rival, Ehud Barak. The other 37% would support other candidates or wouldn't vote. This also indicates the rise of the Right over the Left.

In regards to Army service, the bastion of Israeli pride, the results were disappointing. Only 81% planned to be drafted into the Army. In Israel, all teenage youth are required by law to be drafted into the army. To refuse the draft is an unaccepted practice. Yet the refusal of the Israel youth is surprising to the elder generation who prize army service as a manly contribution to building the state. Of the 81% who planned to be drafted, only 88% wanted to be drafted, the rest accepted their fate, but did not want to serve. This means that only some 29% of the Israel youth do not view army service in a positive light. The large majority of Israelis, a whopping 71% look forward to fulfilling their military duty. Of those who planned to be drafted 49% desired to be in one of the prestigious combat units.

In manner of religion, only 10% felt that they were more religious than their parent, whereas 28% felt that they were less observant. Yet 85% said that they fast on Yom Kippur, 58% are careful to eat only kosher food, and 38% observe the Sabbath.

What is seen from these surveys is all though the Israeli youth may appear to be separated from their Jewish sources and roots, yet they maintain a strong identity with the traditional customs of their ancestors and they esteem deeply the land. The Zionist idea perhaps has lessened for several of these youths, but love of the land of Israel and it's Jewish culture still is strong in the hearts of the nation's youth.


from theNovember 1998Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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