Jewish Astrological Kabbalistic Horoscope for 2012

    January 2012          
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Horoscope for 2012

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jewish Magazine Staff

Here we are at the beginning of a new civil year. We, being the Jewish Magazine staff, are crowded in the study of our famed Kabbalistic Astrologer, Yaakov Kronenberg. The walls of the small study are lined with books on Jewish mysticism and astrology, both new and ancient. We are here to find out what this famed sage of the occult can tell us so that we may know what is in store for the next year. We know that our readers enjoy Yaakov's predictions based on our monthly statistics and also that we have had numerous inquiries regarding this coming new year. So let's hear what the master has to say.

Yaakov: Let's start with the world in general. The first thing is to look at where the major signs are in the sky. Three of the major planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, are poised to change signs. To explain the importance of this is to realize that all the planets orbit around the zodiac at different speeds. Jupiter takes twelve years to travel through the zodiac, passing through one sign each year; Saturn takes about thirty years to complete its orbit which means that it takes about two and a half years for it to pass through each sign. Neptune takes about a hundred and twenty years to complete its orbit which is about ten years for each sign.

Saturn is making the biggest change. It is the planet of misfortune, delays, destruction, hindrances and lack of means. It is moving from Libra to Scorpio. In Libra, Saturn is in exaltation (which means that it works well and that it is powerful) since it can express itself through social justice; Libra is the sign of scales of justice. The last two years we were beginning to see a change in the social structure around the globe. Saturn rules marriage and partnerships; so in the last few years there was a drastic reduction in the number of marriages in the younger generation. We also saw a break down within the world of alliances such as the European Union. There is still another seven to eight months that Saturn will be in Libra so this trend will continue. For example, there are beginnings of currency wars and eventually there will be trade wars between countries.

At the end of the summer, when Saturn goes into Scorpio, the Martian sign of warfare, then Saturn becomes more malefic in nature. Before Saturn was in the sign of unity, Venus, that takes away from its evil nature; but now in the Mars sign, a lot of unrest and protests are going to lead to violence and maybe wars. There might be a reduction in the world population.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is the sign of good fortune. For the last year it has been in the sign of Taurus, the bull, which was money. Now it is going into Gemini, the sign of twins, which rules travel and communications. Next year there might be a breakthrough in new types of communications and transportation.

Neptune, the planet of fantasy, drugs, movies and illusion, will be entering the sign of Pieces, which is its strongest placement. So we can see big advances in medical breakthroughs in drugs, like perhaps memory drugs, but on the negative side, there could be new viruses and illnesses too, even to the epidemic level. There might even be a big confusion in society due to Neptune's influence such a religious extremism and New Age nonsense. There will be an increased interest in the occult, dreams and hypnotism.

Based on the above, we will see a new year of America struggling with serious debt problems, health care, military and civilian workers being laid off due to lack of money. In America, Saturn falls in the sixth house, which rules debt, health care and government employees. We can look forward to individual states having serious financial problems bringing them to the verge of bankruptcy. Israel will suffer too, but much less, since Saturn will pass Israel's house of finance.

Regarding the American presidential elections, right now Mitt Romney seems to have the chart to win, both the Republican primaries and perhaps also the national elections.

We see since Saturn is in Scorpio, which is for the entire world, and this indicates that there will be large global financial problems. This can only be good in the long term for precious metals and commodities.

Regarding Iran, Uranus is now passing through Aries which is the sign of war. There is going to be a lot of violence in or from Iran and changes of an unpredictable nature in the coming year.

We thanked Yaakov and left. What the master told us was short but scary. We walked down the stairs feeling a bit nervous concerning this coming year.

Yaakov is available for personal horoscopes which he has been doing for the past thirty years. If you would like to contact him, email him at


from the January 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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