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    April 1999            
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By Yaakov Kronenberg

Yaakov Kronenberg is an American, who lives in Israel and is a Master of the Kabbala, having dedicated over ten years learning the ancient mystical secrets in S'fardic Yeshivots in Jerusalem

What is different about a Jewish Horoscope in relation to a western Horoscope?

The western astrology has been influenced in a large degree by modern psychology. Most modern western astrology books are heavily influence by Jung and his theory of psychology. Many of the books on astrology are written by psychologists. Therefore these books have a psychological orientation. They interpret the stars as symbols that reflect on the individual personal situation. Their cure for the individual, therefore, is through modifying the personality through psychology. The various faction with in the psychiatric world who have opposing ideas as to how to bring about a cure, shows that in reality, the psychological aspect is severely lacking in it's ability to bring a true cure to the person.

The Jewish method is based on ancient mystical tradition. This tradition is based on the structure of creation from the first day onwards. The horoscope on the first man, Adam, is known according to tradition. Now, each person (who is descendant from Adam), can examine his horoscope based on where his horoscope is found inside the horoscope of Adam.

Adam, since God created him, was the ideal man. By understanding how this ideal man functions, and by understanding the horoscope of the individual person, and seeing how he differs from the ideal man, we are able to explain to him what must be done to actualize a change.

What is the difference between Eastern horoscopes and Jewish horoscopes?

The Eastern astrology disagrees with the Western astrology.

The western astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, whereas the Eastern astrology is based on the siderial zodiac. Because of this, the Western astrology has a psychological understanding of the zodiac and lacks in accuracy in predictions. The Eastern astrology is event oriented, they will tell you what happened in the past and what will happen in the future with much grater accuracy.

Jewish astrology is also event oriented, but since it focuses on the soul of a person, it can not only predict events, but it can also get an in-depth understanding of a person not based on his psychological character, but based on his soul. More importantly, the three systems of astrology, Eastern, Western, and Jewish all try to effect a change in the person's life in completely different ways. Western astrology tries to help a person through personality modifications based on modern psychology.

Eastern astrology tries to help in two ways:

  1. For minor problems, the wearing of charms which can alter the energy that influences his fate.
  2. For more serious problems, there are mantras (chants) which can offset ill influences from the stars.

It should be noted that the method of effecting a change is not based on the individual making a change in his life, but rather changes being effected in the cosmic energy flow from the stars.

Judaism approaches the rectification of the bad planetary influences through a system of going above the celestial planets and connecting to a higher energy source. This is based upon ancient teachings that enable one to connect one's soul to his source through proper behavior according to the dictates of the Creator. The more a person is able to adhere to this mystical behavior pattern as revealed through ancient mystical texts, the more a person is able to rise above the evil influences of the stars. This change in behavior also effects a change in his personality. This is a much deeper correction than either the Eastern or Western systems.


Does Jewish astrology work for non-Jews as well as for Jews?

Each person possesses a unique soul. Through his G-d given soul he is capable of connecting and rising above the dictates of the constellations. Because of the place that there souls reside in relation to the soul of Adam, there is a slight difference between a Jew and a non Jew, but both will benefit more from the ancient mystical Jewish horoscope, than from the Eastern or Western horoscopes.

What is the tradition that gives a Jewish horoscope its special favor?

The tradition is based on the blueprint of creation. Since each person has his source in the first man, Adam. Therefore, by understanding the first man's horoscope in relation to your individual horoscope, the individual's place in the universe becomes defined and the repair necessary to effect changes can be accurately forecasted.


from the April 1999 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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