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 A Jew Examines the Holocaust


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Comprehending the Incomprehensible

By Charles Morse

As an American Jew, rarely does a week go by in which I don’t find myself attempting to comprehend the incomprehensible. Like most Jews, I have tried to grapple with the systematic annihilation of six million of my fellow Jews, not only in terms of what happened, but also why it happened and what can be learned from it. The blood of six million innocent people cries out from the grave for an explanation. Only by understanding the causes of the Holocaust can we begin the process of insuring that this genocide will never happen again.

Establishment thinkers, in my opinion, have approached the issue strictly from a factual basis rather than engaging in a systemic, cause and effect examination. While the work of proving and documenting the Holocaust is extremely important work, and while a theoretical examination can only be built on a solid historical recounting of events, an understanding of the implications of the Holocaust has been given short shrift. The only general explanation offered seems to be that Hitler and the Nazis were Anti- Semites. While this is obviously true and central to the Holocaust, as an explanation for the Holocaust itself , this is unsatisfactory and incomplete. The truth, which unfortunately most Jewish and non-Jewish intellectuals resist, is that Nazism, like Communism, was a socialist movement.

The National Socialists or Nazis were animated by the same spirit as their left wing International Socialist or Communist comrades. Both socialisms were driven by a quasi-religious desire to create a perfectible human species living in a utopian New World Order. The Nazis believed that the road to perfection, or the ubermench, was the isolation and elimination of races that were determined to be impure. The Communist road to utopia, or Homo Sovietica, required, to quote Lenin, the “liquidation” of groups based on class or political designations. In other words,”Enemies of the people” or “Enemies of the State”. This would result, theoretically, in a “workers paradise”. Both Socialist visions, like the ability to fly or live forever, are contrary to human nature. Only the force of arms can be employed to try to create the impossible. As a result, both socialisms have and do result in Holocausts.

How could we expect otherwise? Planned events occur such as the Reichtag fire that precipitated Hitler’s suspension of the German constitution or the Communist inspired burning of American inner cities in the summer of 1967, then a highly organized clique of “leaders” step forward to rescue us from catastrophe. When will we ever learn? The infantile and false idea that humanity can be “transformed” collectively and that the purpose of the State is to effect this transformation is the most evil notion ever invented. It is possible for individuals to transform themselves voluntarily and within a context of freedom. This occurs after an individual humbly recognizes his imperfect nature. We are not God, but created in Gods image and only a reflection of the creator.

Both Nazism and Communism are imperialistic and are fueled by a vision of world conquest. Nazism employs the method of blitzkrieg or total war while Communism uses subversion of the social order by boring from within. The socialist scheme of control from the top, by “enlightened” experts, requires world conquest with the utter suppression of opposition. It is a hybrid of both left wing and Nazi socialist ideology that holds sway over much of our American power elite today.

The dictionary definition of socialism is “public ownership of the mode of production” which is to say, someone else owns that which you produce. The Socialist State, whether Nazi or Communist, owns “the mode of production” and holds title to life, liberty and property. Communism is the more honest in that there are no pretences in terms of who owns “the mode of production” . All forms of property, communication, education, life, and anything that moves are controlled by the left wing Communist State. As a monopoly corporation, the State, or the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, possesses everything in the name of “the people” and for the “common good”.

The Nazi model retains the pretension of private ownership with the State exercising selective and ultimate control. For example, the Nazis wasted no time confiscating the property of Jews and others whenever they chose. Select corporations operate in a Nazi State with monopoly power and by supporting the government in its program.

Both Socialisms are slave systems, at least as oppressive as the chattel slavery of the Old South. In the case of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, each representing the ultimate manifestation of the socialist experiment, thhis form of slavery was more pervasive and deadly than any in history. Loss of property means loss of freedom. The American system is the opposite as we recognize our endowment by the Creator with individual sovereignty. We grant government limited authority for the purpose of protecting and insuring that sovereignty. This is the natural state of existence and represents true human progress.

We must not overlook the religion of the two Socialisms. Nazism was fueled by the occult, Nordic mythology, earth worship, divination, race and ethnic consciousness, and other beliefs and practices that are comparable to the “New Age” movement so prevalent amongst our cultural elite’s today. Communism was atheistic and worshipped the State in the place of God. Both faiths derive moral standards from the caprice of their respective leadership rather than a fundamental notion of morality. Moral considerations were molded by conditions relative to absolute power, which is the highest socialist ideal. Both faiths hold the destruction of individuality, marriage, private industry, and national sovereignty as paramount to their mystical notions of collectivism.

In spite of massive and exhaustive studies of the Holocaust against the Jews, we have not come to terms with its actual nature. Much of our leadership and centers of power and influence continue to be swayed by the same ideas that eventually resulted in both Nazism and Communism. Our government is increasingly seizing power over our private lives and property through legislation often dressed up in such nice sounding aphorisms as protecting the environment, creating public safety, or civil rights. Our government is ceding elective constitutional responsibilities to appointed bureaucracies and international organizations. We are turning our back on God with the resulting cheapening of human life and forming a culture of death. There is no reason to assume that the accumulated end result of these trends will be any different than boxcars heading for Auschwitz..

Charles A. Morse is a Syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network, and a Contributing writer to www.americanewsnet.com    www.chuckmorse.com    www.enterstageright.com    www.etherzone.com


from the May 2000 Passover Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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