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What is your Jewish I. Q.


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What is your Jewish I. Q.?

By Miriam Biskin

Do you consider yourself Jewishly educated? Why not take this little test and check your Jewish Quotient.


I. Who said ?

1. The Jew made a marvelous fight in the world...and has done it with one hand tied behind him...

2. I am a Jew and when the ancestors of the right honorable gentlemen were brutal savages...mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.

3. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?

4. Crush the skulls of the Jewish pack and the future will be won !


II. Check the following as to whether their attitude toward Jews and/or Jewishness was positive or negative.

5. Catherine the Great ________

6. Henry Ford I _________

7. Julius Caesar __________

8. Willa Cather ___________

9. T.S.Eliot ____________

10. George Eliot_________

11. Torquemada___________

12. Karl Marx ____________

13. Queen Isabella of Spain _____________

14. Peter Minuet___________

15. Walt Disney___________

16. Emile Zola_________

17. Thaddeus Kosciusko________

18. Charles Dickens ___________

19. Rembrandt Van Rhyn_________


III. Which of the following are claimed to have some Jewish lineage?

20. Paul Newman

21. Christopher Columbus

22. Michael Tilson Thomas

23. Sigmund Freud

24. Franz Kafka

25. Boris Pasternak

26. Henry Kissinger

27. Joseph Leiberman

28. Thomas Mann

29. Amadeo Modigliani

30. Gwynth Paltrow


lV. Name the Jew associated with each of the following:

31. the discovery of the polio vaccine

32. the diphtheria test

33. a cure for syphilis

34. fiancer of the Revolution

35. only Jewish governor of NYS

36. poet whose sonnet is inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty

37. father of political Zionism

38. first president of Israel

39. victim of French anti-Semitic military plot

40. winner of seven gold Olympic medals


V. Define or explain the importance of each of the following.

41. pogrom

42. pale

43. ghetto

44. Second Vatican Council Declaration for non-Christians.1965

45. the doctor's plot

46 Babi Yar by Yevtushenko

47. Chaucer's Prioress Tale

48. the Black Death

49. Jack the Ripper

50. Mendel Beilis



1. Twain

2. Disraeli

3. Shylock by Shakespeare

4. Hitler

5-19. Only 7-10-16-17-18-19 are positive. The rest range from bigoted to lethal to maniacal)

20-30. The only one who is not credited by some authority as having Jewish antecedents is Mann, the German novelist who was one of the early anti-Nazi protestors.

31. Salk or Sabin

32. Schick

33. Erlich

34. Soloman

35. Lehman

36. Lazurus

37. Weizmann

38. Dreyfus

39. Spitz

40. winner of seven gold Olympic medals

41. the organized massacre of Jews in Russia and Poland

42. Any of 25 provinces in Czarist where Jews were allowed to reside, where trade. commerce and religious activity was restricted.

43. a name derived from the Jewish quarter in Venice. In Spain , Jews were provided with walled and gated areas for their "protection." In Germany there was the Judenstrasse; in Prague, the Judenstadt, etc.

44. They agreed that the Jews were not guilty of the killing of Christ. the vote was not unanimous.

45. The proposed treason trials of Russian scientists under Stalin. At his death, some who survived were realized.

46. A poem written by a non-Jew describing the Nazi massacre of Jews in the USSR It was not a publicized event even though it happened during WWII/

47. In 1255, the murder of Hugh of Lincoln was blamed on the Jews and precipitated a tremendous wave of anti-Semitism. Over 100 Jews were executed and the basis for Chaucer's tale.

48. An epidemic which wiped our huge portions of the Christian population in Europe which was blamed on the Jews who probably escaped because their hygiene was better,

49. The story spread that Jack was probably a Jew and anti-Semitic riots broke out in London. When the rumor surfaced that the murderer was the Crown Prince, no one stormed Buckingham Palace.

50. In 1911, He was charged with the murder of a child in Kiev,. The investigation was accompanied by all sorts of propoganda and became one of the notorious Blood Libel cases. In 1913, a trial was held and the man was exonerated.



40-45 You know most of the story. A+

35-40 Do some more reading. B+

30-35 You need more reading, too. B

25-30 You are really out of it, but we like you. C+

20-25 You get credit for taking the test. C

15-20 You need help. D+

10-15. Are you really Jewish ? E

5-10 How can we say illiterate tactfully ? F


from the October High Holiday 2000 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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