Peace and War in the Middle East


Peace and War in the Middle East


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What's Wrong With This Picture?

By Arlene Peck

Excuse me? Am I missing something? Israel is in the midst of a war, fighting for it's very existence and our government is on record as imploring Israel to use restraint because some of the areas they are now entering are heavily populated civilian areas? Well, the last I looked, so were the places that these sub-human suicide 'civilians' were hooking up their bombs. Someone should tell Europe which has consistently backed the Palestinians, despite the overwhelming evidence of their terrorism that the shopping malls in Tel Aviv, markets in Jerusalem and cafes in Neytana are also heavily populated areas.

During all of this, Yassar Arafat has been greeted warmly at each pit stop, (until Sharon clipped his wings) while his terrorist were busy making bombs and having their children pose for CNN while throwing stones to face Israeli soldiers. Naturally, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has already been quoted how distressed he is "particularly at this time, as a result of incursions into refugee camps by the IDF, large numbers of Palestinians area are reported dead or injured." Where has the United Nations been the past year and a half with the daily suicide bombers causing havoc on the civilian population of Israel?

I have my own reasons for the tremendous hatred and jealousy that the Arabs feel about Israel. At the root of it I believe why they shout with glee every time September 11th is mentioned. The Palestinians, who are a hate-mongering group of terrorist fanatics whose sole reason for living seems to be the destruction of Israel. The hate both the United States and Israel because their culture is backward, living in the twelfth century and corrupt.

I don't care how many times President Bush wants to try and differentiate that the Muslim faith is one of Peace, he's wrong - dead wrong! They are taught from the Koran at their mother's knee how terrorism is a legitimate resistance to occupation. And, long before Osma Bin Laden, Yassar Arafat was the father of terrorism. Have we forgotten the murderers at Munich?

Let's face it. While the Bush administration is praising the Saudi Arabian outline for his 'peace plan' let's not forget that the King has a hidden agenda in the bargain. I wonder how much of this offer is his to give. Sure, we can count on Syria dismantling the Hezbollah terrorist that they train in Lebanon. Iraq, along with Libya will surely run to the bargaining table and promise 'peace.' Full 'diplomatic relations' with pariah states such as these mean nothing. And, knowing how many treaties that they've offered in the past their promises are worthless. Just look how they have treated and slaughtered their own citizens? The Saudi's peacemakers? You've got to be kidding.

The Royal family personally recruited 25,000 young Saudis to wage jihad while donating large amounts of cash to Osma Bin Laden knowing full well what the results would be to the United States. Was it an accident the death planes were filled with Saudis? Now, they want to get out of the 'hot seat' by shifting the image. Yeah right. If we, in the United States were smart, we would be suing the Saudi's for damages directly caused by them to our economy since Sept 11th and not be pandering for their goodwill in arranging 'peace for land' for Israel. To the background of their planned daily suicide bombings. They need to be flooded with civil actions to make some accountability for their actions in Sept 11th.

I also don't feel very encouraged trusting Arafat or his successors to treat any agreement with respect. To them, it is only the newest vantage point to go after yet more. Besides, sounding like shades of the impossible 'deal' that Barak offered to Arafat and was refused, I don't give a diddly-squat whether he promises to 'recognize' Israel. They 'recognize' between Israel Bashing.

Of course, the world goes crazy as they do every time a Palestinian is uprooted from his home by Israeli bulldozers. The anti-Semites on CNN or the BBC will show the pictures for days. However, why is it that no one sees anything wrong in a quarter of a million people being forced out of their homes in the G-d given areas of Judea and Samaria, in which they have been lived for almost forty years?

Thankfully, the enthusiasm has slowed down a little since the Saudi Arabian ambassador used the United Nations as his usual forum to harangue Israel by the usual Anti-Israel rhetoric` from that platform shortly after. But, now when the tide has turned in favor of Israel, Yasser Arafat, who turned down the same deal a year and a half ago, now endorses the Saudi initiative. Photo ops of Shimon and Yossi Belini hugging to 'seal the deal' can't be far behind. They can rejoice in 'peace' with Syria if they just give up the Golan Heights also.

The Saudi's need peace more than ever. For too many years they have been exporting (and getting away with) exporting and flooding the market with some of the biggest terrorists around. As illustrated by Sept. 11th, when fifteen of those who attacked our soil were prodigies of Saudi Arabia. They are not, nor have they ever been 'moderates' and their involvement has finally come to our notice. The Saudi oil chief is already on record saying how concerned he was about their oil running out with maybe fifteen years left of their having a big share of the energy needs. Mexico, China and Russia are waiting in the wings.

For all its prosperity, Saudi Arabia will still need help in developing new industries and job sources for it's growing population. They best be remembering now how the day might come when they will need the Israeli know-how in everything from engineering, agriculture, water specialist and instructors that 'little country' has been so free with sharing for so many years.

Have we learned nothing from history that we are receptive to another Arab Trojan Horse?


from the April 2002 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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