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Astrological Forcasts for Israel

by Jmag Staff

As a small introduction, Yaakov Kronenberg is an astrologer living in Jerusalem. Yaakov studied Kabbalah for many years and has applied it to his vocation of astrology. He has predicted many events that have come true against a background of logical impossibility such as predicting Barak being ousted from the Labor party; this prediction being made while he was riding a wave of incomparable success. He also predicted the disaster of the twin towers a full 6 months before it occurred although it was not clear exactly what the disaster would be. Yaakov has now made several forecasts about the situation in Israel and the Middle East.

(We have interviewed Yaakov feeling that his forecasts may prove interesting for our readers to focus on for the coming year. The Jewish Magazine accepts no responsibility for these forecasts, but we believe thaat they are interesting enough to present to you for your information. The following is Yaakov Kronenberg's naration as we spoke with him:)

First in general, the Israeli general horoscope for the year starting with May 2002, until May 2003, is unusually difficult with 5 planets in the House of Death, which is also the House of Other People's money. This indicates a year of very difficult political, military and economic problems. However, starting after May 2003, there should be a gradual improvement in the country in all aspects, but the major improvement will not come about until 2005.

Concerning the Israeli elections, the polls all indicate that Sharon and the Likud winning with a considerable margin. However, the victory will be even bigger than forecasted by the polls. Amnon Mitzna, the leader of Labor party, does not have a horoscope of one who will reach the pinnacle of success. As people get to know him, he is going to lose support from the population and even from his own party. This will also make it difficult for the Likud to make a coalition government with the Labor party after the elections, because of the predicted infighting with in the Labor party due to their poor showing in the election.

Sharon has the Ruler of the Fourth House, the House of the End of Life, in exaltation which means it will be very difficult to bring him down from power. The only thing that can bring him down is own mortality, meaning health problems which are a possibility over the next year or two.

In terms of the military forecast, Israel is going to have to make another serious attempt to damage the Palestinians between middle of January to the middle of February because the planet Uranus is going opposite the Israeli Mars. Mars, the planet of war and violence, and Uranus is the planet of instigation, therefore Israel is going to be forced into taking more serious steps at this time. After that time, the situation with the Palestinians should be under more control although there will still be temporary outbursts from time to time. The situation will gradually improve, with the Israelis having more control after May 2003.

Most of the fighting after this time, will be political fighting, meaning that the Palestinians will try to win via political fighting that which they were unable to win militarily. The political fighting will be just as serious and intricate as the military fighting. Much of the results will depend upon what will happen in the bigger picture which is the threatened was with Iraq and America and actions the Hisballah in Lebanon and Syria take at that time and how much of the Middle East will become involved in this war.

The American chart which shows Neptune on the top, is not clear, since Neptune is a very difficult planet to predict. It acts more by stealth and covert action than by overt action and an unclarity of purpose that I don't think has been clarified. There is a good chance of war with Iraq in the near future, possibly in the end of February, the really major fighting is only going to begin later in the year around November 2003 because there may be serious attacks on targets inside of America. In any case, the world in general, and Israel in particular is going to go through major changes in the next 12 months which will force America to take the fight on terrorism much more seriously.

As for the Hisballah and Syria, and the Arab population within Israel, they will be seriously dealt with in the next 24 months as they will begin to be seen as more threatening and a more serious threat than the Palestinians. As the Palestinians will become weakened due to attacks, the Palestinians will awaken sleeping consciousness of the Arab Israeli to fight against the Israelis. This will prove more difficult than the current Palestinian problem. This struggle will continue until 2005, when there will finally be a real improvement in the country.

Looking towards the Israeli economy, it has been harmed by the military situation but more than that, by the serious world economic downturn especially in high tech, plus the bad economic management of the economy. The government has been strangulating the economy through a series of faulty economic policies such as raising taxes and interest rates instead of lowering them. By the beginning of May, the government is going to be forced to loosen up on their tight economic policies and with the beginning of the World economic recovery some good effect should be felt here. Also, the medicine is available before the illness, meaning this year, 2003, Israel will finally reveal their hidden reserves of oil which will cause a major change in the Israeli economy -for the better.

To sum up the coming year, 2003, look for a tough beginning that will very slowly settle down and lead to a better position for Israel, but the problems are far from over. Only until 2005, can we look towards a more secure and peaceful environment in Israel. As for America, its role as a superpower is going to be seriously contested in the next few years, and I am unsure if they are up to the test. They may already be losing their economic superiority to the Asians. Their moral superiority has been seriously eroded and it is only a matter of time that their military superiority will be questioned.

Yaakov Kronenberg does personal horoscopes and may be contacted via email at


from the January 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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