Large Families: The Duty of Every Jew


Large Families: The Duty of Every Jew


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The Jewish People are disappearing.

by Esther Hartstein

The neo-nazi website Vanguard News Network gloats that the Jews are nearly 99% extinct. Demographic surveys reveal that there will be 150 less Jews in the world when you wake up tomorrow. Muslims used to comprise 11% of the Israeli population; they now comprise 15%. All of these statements are glaringly true. And the haters of Israel are snickering with triumph!

Many Jews are enveloped in rage when they hear about the trials that Israel endures, not just by the Arabs, but by the global community. These are the same Jews who intermarry, and those who experience one of the world's lowest birthrates, and in addition direct their children down a path of assimilation. We may feel wronged by the world, but what can we expect when we contribute to our own extermination? Can we possibly find security in such small numbers?

The time has come for all Jews, not merely the hyper-Orthodox, to start having 6+ member families. It is our Jewish duty to repopulate our people. We must put enough voices into the world so that it just may be forced to hear us. If you have been considering adding a new presence to your household, now is the time to do it. The Jewish people need you.

Up till now, Jewish demographics have been Israel's concern. Since its inception, the State of Israel has been actively recruiting Jews to settle in its borders. For a while, the Zionist dream was a prospering one. However, the lurking forces of anti-Semitism were vigilant in shattering the hope. With its devastated economy and constant losses to terror attacks, Israel can barely handle the few immigrants it does manage to attract. Burgeoning birthrates among the Arabs has led the State of Israel to accept even Russian gentiles in its desperation. For the Jews of the world to dependg on Israel to drastically increase its birthrate is a cruel fantasy; many can barely feed their children. It is up to all Jews, no matter where they live, to keep the proportion of our enemies in check, and two children aren't going to cut it.

Sure, the classic small family is nice, and the Torah does not forbid all contraception. The frazzled modern woman does not need more burdens. However, a little perspective is needed. There are one billion Jew-hating Muslims working against our every political victory, praying against our every prayer, and scheming up deadlier and deadlier plans with which to cause our demise. How long do you think we can maintain our significance as we become more and more a tiny and shrinking minority in a hostile world?

Many rabbis have responded to our demographic crisis by proposing a new war against assimilation. Such wars have been waged before, and with significant success. However, if we do not increase our birthrates, we will be creating a fundamental contradiction: How can we expect all Jews to make the drastic changes necessary, if we aware Jews will not make the adjustments necessary to uphold the Jewish people?

Yes, it could be hard, but G-d will be with you as he has helped other generations. We can trust Him to guide us across more familiar terrain. A look at the history of anti-Semitism will reveal the outlandish and out-of-character measures that The One Above will go to if it means keeping His chosen people from assimilating out of existence. If He could allow such drastic cruelty just to keep us alive as a nation, surely He will provide you with whatever you need to help Him keep us alive, for He is 50 times more compassionate than He is punitive, and we have seen how punitive He could be when defending the existence of the Jewish people.

A large family is a precious dream. Imagine the exitement among children, knowing that a new presence will be coming into the house. Imagine a small crowd of feet pitter-pattering beside yours down the street. Imagine 6, 7, 8 smiling faces shining up at you each week. Imagine not two young voices, but a whole choir siniging Hanunkkah songs on Hanukkah night, the circle of children playing dreidel growing larger and larger each year. Imagine entering old age knowing that there are several little grandchildren out there to carry on your name and traditions. It is through this beautiful dream that the future of the Jewish people will be cemented.

The Jewish people are disappearing. So many factors - infertility, assimilation, poverty - exacerbate the problem. You, the individual, no longer have anyone to depend on to do your Jewish duty for you. Brother and Sister Jews, have babies! Go with G-d as you did in the desert, and He will be with you when you need Him.


from the February 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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