Health food, vegetarianism and Judaism, a Mystical View - Does this promote spiritual awareness?



Health Food, Vegetarianism, and Judiasm, a Mystical View, Does this promote Spirituality?

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Mysticism and Health Food

By Nachum Mohl

        There is a current thought in the Health food literature that claims that drinking milk is not healthy, cows don't drink milk, why should man. There is also the claim that eating meat is not healthy, man was not born to be carnivorous. Since your magazine has a mystic corner, can you tell me what the mysticism says about this?

                --E. B.--

        The question is interesting. To answer this question, you must understand the way and method in which the world was created. When the world was created it was created in four basic levels organic first, the earth and rocks. Then the next level, the inorganic, the trees, plants, etc. After that the third level was created, the animal, birds and fishes. Finally, the last level was created, man.

        We can list them thusly:

Level Classification Example
1st Inorganic Rock
2nd Organic Fruits and Vegetables
3rd Animal Fish, Fowl and Animals
4th Man Adam and his descendants

        If we ponder, which level is the strongest, which level has the most power, we would say that the first level, the level of the inorganic is certainly the strongest. Man has used the rock to build buildings used iron to build and strengthen his environment. It is the strongest.

        The next strongest is the organic. Trees also give us protection from the cold and rain. Plants give us clothing and food. The next level,.the animal, can not shield man's environment, but also provides him with his bodily needs.

        If we look a bit deeper, we must observe that the ground and rock has no need for the other three levels, it can exist alone. (Like the other planets or moon which is only rock)

        The plant life needs the ground. It takes the organic mineral and restructures it into the plant as a organic being. The plant however has no need for that level above it. Neither man nor animal is necessary for it's existence as is examplified by the large and dense jungles where plants grow wild.

        After this, there is the animal life. Most animals eat plants. The animals assimilate the plant into their bodies as they grow. The animals need the plant life which is a level below them, but they do not need the level above them: man. The animal can not use the organic level to grow because it can not convert the organic mineral into body cells. However the animal receives the mineral by eating the plant.

        Man is in need of all the levels below him for his growth. Until now, each level needed the level below it in order to grow. Man is no exception, in order to benefit from the mineral life below him he must eat that which is below him. The mineral can be gotten in two ways. One is to eat plants, as the animals do and assimilate the mineral from the plants into his body. How ever, man is limited in what plants he may eat. He can only eat what we call edible plants, vegetables and fruits. However, if he tries to eat inedible plants such as grass and straw, his stomach, which was not designed for this type of mineral extraction will not be able to digest and assimilate the mineral. The only manner he can assimilate this mineral is by eating animal food.

        Now interestingly, a kosher animal is not a carnivorous animal. The kosher animal eats plants. The animals that eat other animals are not permitted. We can see why. Each level performs a function. That function is to elevate the mineral level below it and raise it to a higher level. An animal that eats a plant raises it up one level. However, an animal that eats another animal has not raised the mineral up to a loftier level. Instead it retained it on the same level.

        Each level is fulfilled when the mineral in it is raised up to a higher level.

        Man also must raise this mineral up from a lower level. He can accomplish it by eating from a plant or from an animal.

        However it is erroneous to think that the work of raising up the lowest level stops with man. From man there must also be an elevation of this the lowest level, the mineral, and that is called raising the mineral up to it's source, to it's Creator. When man, through his service towards the Creator of the world, uses this energy in that service, then the mineral is elevated to it's most lofty level. It is not only the mineral that is elevated, but also the plant and animal and elevated to their source, in this, man's most lofty work.

        In this man, too is elevated, though he remains down below, here on the earth, yet his service to his Creator, of elevating the lower elements connects him directly to his Creator and serves for him as an elevation.

        So to answer your question, we see that it is natural and good for man to eat animal products so that he may elevate them. To claim that man was not created to partake of the animal is incorrect. Man was destined to elevate all levels below him and also himself.




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