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Horoscope Predictions for the New Jewish Year 5765

by Yaakov Kronenberg

Some people question whether Judaism recognizes the validity of horoscopes. To many it seems so very unscientific, Others believe that the Torah prohibits the usage of horoscopes because it borders on superstition.

The truth is that the Torah definitely says that astrology is a workable means of divining the future. The question is really if we may practice it. Abraham, the first Jew, was told by G-d that he should abandon his knowledge of astrology, which predicted that he would not have children. But G-d did not tell Abraham to leave astrology because it is not fitting to use or not true or merely a superstition. Only in the case of Abraham, G-d saw that he would rise above his fate. The Talmud says, "there is no mazel for the Jews." This means that if we live according to G-d's will, we are capable of rising above fate's decree. From this we find a proof from the Torah that use of astrology is permitted and that astrology has proper usages.

In reality, many rabbis that have come out against astrology, are not really against astrology, but are against the charlatans who utilize astrology and horoscopes, etc, to draw money from needy people.

The study of astrology and horoscopes is a scientific study. A person will goes to a doctor to find out how to improve his health or to avoid or overcome certain illness. The doctor based on his study of foods and medicines will prescribe a remedy according to the needs of the patient. In a similar manner, astrology is the study of time. It can tell you which times are good and which are bad. It will tell what the time is good for and what it is bad for. We can learn how to utilize our time efficiently.

* * * *

Each year at Rosh Hashanah, the Jews are inscribed for a new year. This means that new influences are brought out in heavens and charted on the horoscope chart.

In general, the new year for Israel looks mixed. There are two major transient for the year, which means that when a planet that is now in the sky crosses the position of another planet that was in the birth chart, it has a powerful effect. Now Saturn, which is the planet of misfortune and limitations, is entering the house of government and future. It will eventually cross the moon. This means that there will be many restrictions on the country in its ability to maneuver in relation to other nations of the world.

This also shows that there will be difficulty for the government to continue to function in its present capacity. Saturn brings loss of popularity.

On the other hand, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is crossing the ascendant, and this symbolizes the nation itself. The influence will get stronger towards the middle of the year. This means more optimisism, more economic growth, expansion. Jupiter is the planet of peace. it crosses the ascendant every twelve years. The last time it crossed the ascendant; there was much optimism from the ill fated Oslo agreements. Again there will be more movement to make some sort of peace agreement for the country.

There should be more calm and contentment in Israel, since Jupiter brings positive feelings and growth.

For Ariel Sharon the year will not be easy. He will not benefit from Jupiter since Saturn is in the house of government. This influences the leader of the government. In his personal chart, he has Uranus crossing his Mercury, which indicates changes of mind. He will undergo changes in his long held beliefs. After which, Uranus will cross his sun, which can indicate a sudden loss of power. The sun symbolizes power and leadership and Uranus brings sudden changes in them. This will be after March of 2005. Benjamin Natenyahu's chart also shows difficulty in the same period which might indicate that he may become the successor to Sharon at this time.

Due to the influence of Saturn it looks very difficult at this time for Sharon to actuate his plan of disengagement. Even to complete the separation wall may meet great difficulty.

The leaders from the Israeli left show weak charts therefore it is unlikely that they will regain power. The opposition parties have Neptune going through their charts. Neptune is the planet of weakness.

* * * *

Going overseas, for the American elections, I see Bush winning again. Kerry has a very dislikable chart, Saturn is unusually strong in his chart which gives Kerry much ability but it makes him un-liked. It also indicates that he will use devious means to gain his desires which may very well backfires on him. More importantly, the charts show that he will become weaker as he gets older which would prevent him from becoming a good leader.

Bush also has a more likeable chart. If he gets reelected he is in for a difficult next four years as the planet Saturn gets stronger in his chart.

All in all, it appears that it will be a better year for the Jews in Israel. The European Jews will begin to suffer more due to the Muslim influence in Europe which will cause the governments to do things that are unfavorable to the Jews.

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from the September-October 2004 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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