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The Chasid's Dream

Michael Druck 2004

The chasid dreams with his eyes closed
of a land beyond the sea.
The chasid dreams of what he knows;
of the Jew and history.

And his mind wanders
as does his people.

O for the dream of heaven
and the land beyond the sea.
And the coming of Moshiach
and peace for eternity.

A chasid prays with his eyes closed.
His neshama is absorbed in prayer.
And the spirit of his people
is ever lifted to the air.

Behold the soul of a people,
and the spirit in you and me
that is ever our ever wandering
far from the Gallilee.

And the prayers for that piece of heaven.

The chasid thinks with his eyes open.
He knows what he must do.
To be that example
for every man and every Jew.

The chasid is what G-d tells him.
He is what he must be.
The product of Torah
and the lessons for all to see.

The chasid dreams with his eyes closed.
His silence is everywhere.
And the people wait for his next words;
to the light and to the soul lifted to the air.

Some learn more from silence.
It is wisdom for the Jew.
An opening for the Jewish mind
in the air and quietude.

The chasid dreams for his people.
The people dream for their land.
And all together they dream as one,
for the betterment of man.
And the chasid dreams
as his mind grows
in the light and quietude.




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