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The Shelter for the G-dly Spark,

By Ester Feldman

A home, what is the meaning?
A roof with sturdy walls?
Blockading rain and thunderstorms,
Including snow that falls?

Perhaps a dig much deeper,
Unearths another role,
Not only blocking Nature's Wrath,
But sheltering the soul.

Where lies such a heat source?
To seeks to understand,
The shelter for this "G-dly Spark,"
Could only be one land.

A land that is our keepsake,
Brought down in only love,
A place to send our souls in flight,
To dwell with G-d Above.

Right now that land is crying,
Our eyes yet spill the tears,
Here our job is build strong walls,
So that soul won't fear.

The time has almost come,
Our work will be complete,
Those sparks within us will unite,
Redemption we will greet.





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