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By Michael Druck © 2005

O’ people, dear people
the Sabbath day has come
and we are gathered as a family
with the setting of the sun.

The time is dear,
with prayers we hear,
and Moshiach well in site.
And we gather ‘round the candles
as we are exalted in holy light.

O’ people, dear people
rise and always be
an example for the world
And immortality.

Torah is the answer
To questions seldom asked.
And we are what G-d desires
of the present, future and the past.

O’ people, dear people
hear the calling of Hashem.
Bless all that surrounds us
and never let it end.

Torah is the answer
the sages overheard.
Taking G-d as their example
and living His every word.

O’ people, dear people
you are needed now.
Ascend and bring a light
and let Torah show you how.

People, dear people
the days of reconnecting have come.
Bless this day of Sabbath
and gather ‘round as one.

And to that bright shining example
of the Torah.




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