Now Teach Me in Your Way, O Lord


psalm 27


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Psalm 27

By James Vasquez

My light and my salvation, Lord,
You ever are to me,
The stronghold of my life, now whom,
Am I to fear or flee?

Though evil men assail me,
Upon my flesh to prey,
Or enemies come forth they shall,
But stumble in the way.

Yea, though an army rise to fight,
With ruinous intent,
Or war break out against me still,
Will I be confident.

For but a single thing I ask,
Of him who is my stay,
And that most earnestly I seek,
Throughout each night and day,

Tis this, that I may dwell within,
His house while life shall last,
To seek and gaze upon his face,
In beauty unsurpassed.

For days of trouble lie in wait,
But safely will he keep,
And hide me sheltered safe within,
His tabernacle deep.

And then upon a lofty rock,
My head exalted high,
Above my enemies around,
With shouts of joy shall I,

Pure sacrifice present to him,
And praises shall be heard,
While at his tabernacle flows,
To music every word.

Now hear my voice and answer, Lord,
Be merciful to me,
Let not your ear my call disdain,
Or closed or hardened be.

For to my heart you oft have said,
"Seek naught but all my face,"
Your face, O Lord, eer shall I seek,
Its beauty to embrace.

Hide not your face, then, Lord from me,
Nor from your servant turn,
In anger for my countless faults,
Let not your rancor burn.

My helper have you been till now,
O God, reject me not,
My Savior think not to forsake,
The work your hands have wrought.

Though father and my mother would,
Their offspring disavow,
The Lord will yet receive me and,
More charity allow.

Now teach me in your way, O Lord,
And in your path sustain,
For many are my enemies,
Who oer my life would reign.

And what they wish to do, forbid,
Tis violence they breathe,
And rising up they speak but with,
False testimony seethe.

Though trials increase Im confident,
That I shall ever see,
The goodness of the Lord fulfilled,
Throughout the land to me.

Now wait, I say, before the Lord,
Be strong in will and heart,
And steady set your gaze on him,
Who never fails his part.

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