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Yarmulkes, Yankees And A Three Run Homer

By Jay P. Granat

A few nights ago, my son and his two buddies who live across the street gathered in our living room to watch the Yankee game. The Bronx Bombers are in the midst of a pennant race, so every game, every inning and every hit is crucial.

The Yankees were tied and my son, an avid fan, was concerned. He decided to puton his Yarmulke. Now we are not religious at all, but Zack thought that wearing his skull cap was a good idea. It certainly couldn't hurt. Miraculously, shortly after he placed the cap on his head, one of the Yankees hit a three run rocket out of the stadium. All three boys started to cheer wildly, as they always do.

Now, the boys who live across the street are not Jewish. They are adorable brothers with blond hair and blue eyes. The closest they come to being Jewish is when they eat my mother's chicken soup. Nevertheless, after the three run shot left the park, they asked my son for some Yamulkes of their own. They put them on and again, miraculously, the rally gained momentum and the Yankees scored some more runs.

It was approaching nine o'clock and the kids from across the street needed to go home. They insisted on wearing their new skull caps when they crossed the street and decided to keep them on until the game ended. They danced wildly with joy and excitement as they made their way home. To me, they looked like characters from Fiddler On The Roof.

Their mother was quite surprised and intrigued when she saw her two sons with the Yamulkes. Once they explained their purpose, she considered whether she should wear one too. She is a big Yankee fan, also.

The Yankees went on to win the game and have been playing very well ever since. Perhaps these religious hats will become the rally caps of the 2005 season…

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is a Psychotherapist in Fort Lee, NJ. He writes on sports, psychology and human nature. He can be reached at 201 592-6420.


from the October 2005 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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