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    May 2008            
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Horoscope for Israel on its 60th Birthday

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

Every year we like to visit our famed Kabbalist astrologer, Yaakov Kronenberg, to hear his predictions for the coming year. This year is a big year for Israel; she is celebrating her sixtieth year of statehood. We wanted to hear first hand what could we expect to see in the future so we checked into Yaakov's place in Jerusalem for a warm cup of tea and glimpse at the stars.

Yaakov had previously predicted the economic crises that the Americans are now facing in our article ( for last Rosh HaShannah. It is worth looking at what he said there. In the meanwhile, we asked Yaakov what he saw for the coming year.

Yaakov: The world is going through major fundamental changes, economic, political, and social. We are seeing now the balance of power of the world switching from the West to the East, meaning from America to China. America and the western nations are now undergoing a tremendous economic crisis; they are no longer producers but rather importers. They are a consumer society whereas China is a producing society. America has tremendous debt and many financial problems that it must solve. This is obvious with out looking at the stars.

One of the things that I do see in the stars is that Saturn is in Virgo. This means that there will be shortages of agricultural products. Prices of food are going rise and there will be shortages around the globe. Many countries are stopping exports of food. In Argentina there have been food riots because of export taxes on the food. They want to keep it in their country so that they can sell it cheap to their own people which come at the expense of farmers who want to export it to make high profits. When countries start to apply taxes and tariffs it causes problems in the supply and demand system.

Beside this, you have countries like China and India that have combined close to three billion people who are now coming into money. They want to start to eat food like western countries do. This is going to put much pressure on the agricultural system since there is a tremendous need for food in the East.

Besides all of these agricultural problems, there is one more problem: the problem of ethanol. There are farmers who can get more money by selling their crops to use for ethanol, thereby reducing the availability of foodstuff on the world market. This is leading to a perfect storm for an agricultural crisis.

Besides this, there is a crisis in metals, oil, and just about any hard asset in the world because of the increased demand of the ascendancy of the Eastern countries. This is similar to what we find in the last Mishnah of the tractate of Sotah, (chapter 9), "In the time heralding the messiah, meaning immediately before his coming, chutzpa will increase, prices will go sky high, and even though there is plenty of grapes, wine will be very expensive, and the governments will be atheistic, the Galilee will be attacked, the border towns will be disserted, and the people from the border towns will wander aimlessly from city to city…." It all sounds too much like our time frame. It could be that the fight over natural resources may lead to war, but this is in several years in the future.

JMag: How will this affect Israel?

Yaakov: Let me give you a short preface. In Jewish horoscopes, each individual Jew is born with a difficult mazel (horoscope) and also the Jewish nation has a difficult mazel, but God designed this way. He gave them the divine commandments that would lift them above the bad mazal. With this in mind, we can see that the government which has been doing everything possible to make obstacles to observance of G-d's divine commandments has one bad chart. The government has no policy other than maintaining itself; what kind of war can they fight when they do not want to win? They only want to maintain the status quo. What can be expected of such a government? They have no policies, no long term planning. What are they doing about the water problems? Nothing! What about the natural resources and drought? Nothing!

It seems that Israel is going in the direction of those countries that are going to suffer when the agricultural problems come. The Arabs see that the government is weak and they are taking advantage of it. The Arab armies are just waiting for the time to attack. They see the Israeli army is weak; this encourages the enemy to attack. It is just a matter of time until there is a war.

I can see this in the stars, this because in this year the House of Death is greatly emphasized. The planet of Mars, which is war, is in the home. It seems that there will be some sort of invasion, and much danger. The Sages tell us that after the Shemita year there is danger of war and we are presently in the Shemita year. There is a lot to worry about.

The government is strongly disliked but it is very difficult to bring down. No one protests because they see the politicians as all the same and are thoroughly distrusted. Neptune the planet of disillusionment is very strong in the Israeli chart and this is reflected by the attitude of the Israeli who are disillusioned by their government; this includes all the political parties. They voted for Sharon and look what they got!

I spoke about Olmert in a previous horoscope ( where I said that he was morally lacking and can convince himself that everything that he does is correct no matter how despicable. His children have turned out rotten, his daughter became a lesbian, and his son became a draft dodger and deserted the country. He was a rotten father and is a corrupt leader. He has a Saturn and Mars conjunction which means his sense of timing is terrible so he can not fight a war.

Although all of the above looks very bad, remember that the Jews are above the mazel of the horoscope, there will not be a third exile, and by our doing the divine commandments of God, we will somehow continue since it is God Himself who watches over the land from the beginning of the year to the very end.

You can reach Yaakov at for information about his new Kaballah Yeshiva or to have horoscope custom made for you.


from the May 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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