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Updates to astrological forecasts

by Yaakov Kroningsberg and the Jmag Staff

In January of 2003, the Jewish Magazine staff spoke with well known Jerusalem astrological forecaster, Yaakov Kroningsberg, who made several interesting forecasts that has since been shown to be correct. See our article in the January edition at

Since the publication of the January article, the Jewish Magazine and Yaakov has seen much interest in the astrological forecasts. Therefore we have seen fit to ask Yaakov to give us another forecast for the next 6 months.

Jmag: Yaakov, many people have written to the Jewish Magazine expressing concern that horoscopes are not with in the boundry of Judaism.

Yaakov: Astrology has a rich history in Jewish literature and Jewish law gives a person permission to practice astrology. People must realize that they have the ability to change their own personal fate. Nothing is unchangeable, it requires effort on the individual to change his fate, but it may be done.

Just to quote from Abraham lbn Ezra: "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord; that is the starting point, for when a man refrains from following his eyes and his heart in their tendency to satiate his concupiscence, then knowledge comes to rest within him; further more, the fear of the Lord protects him from the decrees of the heavenly bodies and from their sway as long-as he lives". (from the introduction to the astrology text written by Ibn Ezra, "Reshit Chochma")

Jmag: Yaakov, what do you see in store for the world at large for the next 6 months?

Yaakov: The major changes in the stars since the last forecast is that Saturn, which moves signs every two and a half years, now is entering into the sign of Cancer. Saturn is the planet of limitations, hindrances, destruction, famine, etc. Moving into Cancer is going to have a limitating effect of those things that are ruled by Cancer.

As an example, there is a strong likelihood in strong downturn in real estate prices and housing prices, especially in America and Europe.

America has four planets in Cancer in the house of money. The down turn in real estate could spill over into other areas of the American economy causing a money shortage. Therefore after the price of real estate drops, it would seem to be a good time to invest, but I would not rush to invest at this time. This shortage of money may spill over into the stock market causing a down turn in stock prices and may even lead to deflation, meaning that prices of everything will drop. A smart person should look into bonds, but it is always best to consult with an expert.

In general, the whole world will experience a very uncomfortable feeling generally. There is a chance of water shortages, or water contamination. Also, there will be more talk about the disintegration of the family structure and talks about how to rehabilitate the family unit. There will be continual problems with terrorism, as America has not shown the proper resolve to effectively deal with terrorism.

As for President Bush, his horoscope is getting very difficult, it will be hard to see him getting re-elected for president, even though now there is no serious challenger.

Israel started a new year in May. This year we will see an upturn in the economy and last years bad effects are slowly leaving. This year Israel has Mars and Neptune powerful. There is going to be a lot of unrest in the country, there are going to be strikes and protests and the continual problems of terrorism. Possibly the government will try to move people out of their homes.

With Neptune strong, this indicates a lot of other mysterious and hidden things are going behind the backs of the public. We will not really know what is going on with the peace process or the "road map". It seems that there are many secret agreements between the Americans and the Israelis on how to deal with the Palestinians and terrorism in the world, meaning Iran and Syria. What is really going on will not be revealed in the next six months, but we may see terrorism in Israel slowly diminishing.

Ariel Sharon is now going through a difficult period now. There is going to be a lot of opposition to his approach. The protests will continue and then increase in intensity later in the year, maybe in October. It is questionable if his body, meaning his health, can with stand the strain and pressure. There may be slight changes in the government, but it does not look like the government will fall. Look for a more nationalistic movement inside of Israel in the coming months, there seems to be a return to Zionist ideals in the country. It will be more spontaneous, meaning from the people and not from the government.

Since Saturn is entering Cancer, and since Arafat has Cancer rising, it indicates that his end is approaching, but we still have to deal with the intractable enemies inside and outside of Israel.

Yaakov Kronenberg does personal horoscopes and may be contacted via email at


from the July 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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