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Jewish Horoscope for 2004

by the Jmag Staff & Yaakov Kroingsberg

Yaakov Kronenberg gave us his astrological forcast in the middle of 2003, (click here) so we came back to ask him what he sees in store for 2004.

Jmag: Yaakov, before hearing your predictions for 2004, first we want to review your forecast for the last half of 2003 we want to question you about some of your predictions.

First you said that you foresaw a downturn in real estate prices in America and Europe. What do you say about that?

Yaakov: With Saturn and Cancer ruling real estate, it indicates a contraction is due in prices. Cancer will be in Saturn until July, 2005, I see well before that a serious down turn, especially in the US and in England.

Jmag: What about your prediction about water shortage and contamination.

Yaakov: Well, interestingly enough, a few weeks after I said that, Time Magazine had an article about the contamination in the world's oceans and that the fish are dying there. In addition, one of the private monitoring agencies in Tel Aviv said that the level of water purity has degenerated to the level of a third world country. We will hear much more about the water problems in the coming years.

Jmag: On the good side, we saw many of your predictions come to pass, like Arab terror in Israel begin to diminish. We haven't seen the predicted protests against the government take place.

Yaakov: Well, the right is now planning a large protest in Tel Aviv.

Jmag: Let's look to the future. What do you see for Israel and the world?

Yaakov: Let's start with Israel. It looks like the worst of the Arab terror is over. It does not mean that there won't be periods of problems, but it will not be on the level that it was before. By the end of the summer, Jupiter moves into Libra. This is usually a good time for Israel, meaning there will be more optimism in the country. This means expansion, economically and materially, more prosperity and travel and tourism will pick up. It indicates a good time for the country, marked by economic growth.

There will be a fundamental change in the country's economic structure which will have a very positive influence on the stock market in Israel for a long time. This does not imply that there will not be problems in the country between Israel and her neighbors or between Israel and the rest of the world, but we will be in a better state of mind to deal with the problems.

Ariel Sharon's chart still looks quite strong. No one can really understand what he is thinking or doing. He is Neptune all deception, a master of deception. Possibly including himself.

Jmag: what do you see in store for the USA?

Yaakov: America is going to go through a difficult time. I saw in a medrish that Sodom was not destroyed until they legalized same sex marriages. According to the locations of America's stars, confusion, un-clarity, disintegration of various systems will begin starting in February and stretching through January, 2007. As for Bush's chance for re-election, this is not clear to me now.

Right now, finances look good in America. This should last until after the US election. After that, America will have to pay for the price of pumping up the markets. I don't see the problems with terrorism letting up in Iraq. America will still have to worry about chemical and biological attacks. But conversely, there is going to be a tremendous breakthrough in drugs. There will be new drugs to treat just about everything, especially memory, psychological etc. They will come out one after the next.

America is slowly going to lose their economic superiority to perhaps China. Once their economic superiority is lost, it means that the American influence in the world will decline considerably. But that is a few years down the road.

America will continue in the war against terror. The Arab states will slowly be hurt by this war. It is possible that the Arabs will stop giving the world so much trouble.

Yaakov Kronenberg gives personal horoscopes. Contact Yaakov at for your personal horoscope.


from the February 2004 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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