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Jewish Horoscopes 2006


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The Jewish Horoscope for the Coming Gentile Year

By Jacob Kronenberg

Every Year or so the Jmag staff goes to our Kabbalist friend Yaakov Kronenberg who, when he interupts his Kabbalistic teachings, spends time analyzing the stars. Yaakov has been doing horoscopes for years, but his specialty is that hedoes it according to the Jewish Kabbalistic traditions.

Last year Yaakov made some predicitions that seemed to forecast very closely the events that unfolded. His forecast from last year can be found at

Before we get to this coming year's predictions, let us review several of the predictions from last year. Yaakov stated that:

"Saturn, which is the planet of misfortune and limitations, is entering the house of government and future. It will eventually cross the moon. This means that there will be many restrictions on the country (Israel) in its ability to maneuver in relation to other nations of the world. This also shows that there will be difficulty for the government to continue to function in its present capacity. Saturn brings loss of popularity.

"On the other hand, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is crossing the ascendant, and this symbolizes the nation itself. The influence will get stronger towards the middle of the year. This means more optimisism, more economic growth, and more expansion. Jupiter is the planet of peace. it crosses the ascendant every twelve years. The last time it crossed the ascendant; there was much optimism in the country even though it was from the ill fated Oslo agreements. So again there will be more movement to make some sort of peace agreement for the country."

In review, we saw the tremendous demonstrations against the government's decision to pull out Jewish settlements from the Gaza strip. Day after day we witnessed the unpopularity of the government and even the decision of many of the Likud member to 'rebel' against Sharon. Yet we saw unprecendented economic growth through the economic reforms of the government. Terrorist attacks have dropped even though there is no real peace.

"For Ariel Sharon the year will not be easy. He will not benefit from Jupiter since Saturn is in the house of government. This influences the leader of the government. In his personal chart, he has Uranus crossing his Mercury, which indicates changes of mind. He will undergo changes in his long held beliefs. After which, Uranus will cross his sun, which can indicate a sudden loss of power. The sun symbolizes power and leadership and Uranus brings sudden changes in them. This will be after March of 2005. Benjamin Netenyahu's chart also shows difficulty in the same period which might indicate that he may become the successor to Sharon at this time."

Interestingly enough, we note that Sharon did have a very difficult year - so difficult that he left the Likud to form his own political party. It looks as if Netenyahu will inherit the leadership of the Likud.

* * * * *

Leaving last years predictions, let us go to the predictions for the year 2006. Yaakov began to elaborate:

Saturn entered Leo about 4 months ago. Saturn is the planet of suffering, restriction, and loss. Leo symbolizes kingship and governments. Every 30 years this happens and we see many governments falling and rebellion against established governments during this 2 ˝ year period. We have seen rebellion in France, Germany had a change of government, Bush is experiencing very low popularity, and Israel is going through a political upheaval.

Saturn is now in Israel’s tenth house. The last time it was there was when Menachem Begin took power and major changes took place in Israel. At this very time we see the upheaval in the Labor party and in the Likud, with elections coming very shortly.

First, Amir Perertz, the new leader of Labor: He does not seem to have the horoscope chart of a major political leader that can give him the Prime Minister’s job. Ariel Sharon’s chart is still very strong and it will be difficult to beat him for the top job. Bibi Netanyahu has a strong chart, but it does not seem that his time has arrived yet. This may be a difficult period for him.

For the Israel, the new year 2006 seems to indicate that there will be a relative peace in the country in relationship to the terror attacks that it had been experiencing for so long.

This begining perioid of the year 2006 will be a very weak time with much confusion for the country. This will last for a few months. After that the country will become stronger than it has been for many years. It has been under Neptune for the last year and a half, which brings tremendous weakness. Now Neptune is finally leaving which will give strength to the country and it less likely now that there will be more dis-engagement.

The economy will improve and personal happiness amongst the Israelis will rise. This will be especially marked after May, Israel's Independence Day. Israel’s charts begin in May and end in the next May. Last year was a bad year. Obviously there will be problems this year too, but the country will begin to experience a slight upturn.

* * * * *

Moving away from Israel and looking at the world, Yaakov sees more changes of leadership. In the USA, the Democrats will do well in the 2006 elections. There will be more inflation since Saturn is now leaving the house of money meaning that there will be more inflation. But the economy should get stronger with increase in growth. Even with this increase in the economy, in terms of financial growth, it would appear that it will be a static year with not much growth in the stock market.

Since Saturn went into Leo the price of gold has started to rise considerably, it could be because people are fearing that there will be a scarcity of that metal. Today gold stands at about $470 dollars for an ounce. It is possible that the price of gold could rise over the next three years to $1000 dollar an ounce.

Travel may become difficult since Saturn is entering into the house of travel. Education institutions may also experience problem also because of Saturn. The American problems in and with foreign countries will increase.

Well we will have to wait now untill 2007 to see how accurate Yaakov's predictions are and with the help of G-d we will return to his house and ask him for more predictions.

Questions to Yaakov may be sent to:


from the December 2005 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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