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December 1998 - Chanukah Edition

Chanukah & the Third Temple

Chanukkah in the Most Elegant Fashion

Chanuka Latkes Recipe

Lighting Up for Hanukka

Miracles Still Happen

Forbidden Sexual Ralations

Political Cartoon

Hungarian Holocaust Memory

Chanukah & the Holocaust

the Battles of the Maccabees

Ein Harod Fire


November 1998

Kabbalistic Insights

Jewish Belief by the Rambam

Sex and Judaism

the Mirror - A Chassidic Story

the Jewish Mexican Crisis

Five Years After Oslo

Israeli Youth - a Poll

19th Century Jerusalem

Why does Evil Profit?


October 1998 - High Holiday Edition

Spiritual Significance of the Succoth

There is ONE

the Meaning of Simchat Torah

Jewish Belief

Bombardment on Succot

Shabbetai Zvi

the Essenes

Harry Golden and the Coat

Leah's Acknowledgement


September< 1998 - New Year Edition

Elul - Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

the Ghost of Bugsy Goldstein

Traditions of Rosh Hashannah

the Ancient Ark of the Covenant

the Baal Shem Tov & Prayer

Jewish Marriage

Polictical Cartoon

Avdat & the Nabatean Empire

the Flute & the High Holidays  plus  Ho Ho Humor

August 1998

Tisha B'Av & The Destruction of the Temple


Moses Montifiore's Dream

Free Choice

Israel Reserve Army Duty

Mako Shark and Jewish Roots

Achar, the Recalcitrant Rabbi

Yaakov & Real Kindness

Political Cartoon


July 1998

The Secret of Incense

Reserve Duty in Gaza

Day of Rain

Customs of Fast Days

Political Cartoon

Jewish Law & Mysticism

From the Lowest to Loftiest


Martial or Martial Arts?

June 1998 - Shavout Edition


Kabbalistic Insights into Life

the New Anti-Semitism



Jewish Blood

Lag B'Omer in Meron

Being Happy

Oslo and Reality

the Promised Land


May 1998

Theodore Herzl

Is Liberalism Judaismthe Irgun


Lag B'Omer





April 1998 - Passover Edition

Significance of Matza

Jerusalem Blood Libels

Life on Other Worlds

Secret of the Seder

Ballad of Four Sons

Balfour Declaration

Political Cartoon

Tangled Vines

Enjoying Life

Jewish Style


March 1998 - Purim Edition

The History of Purim

the Secret of the Megilah

Customs and Traditions of Purim

the Haunted Synagogue of Safed


Parable - Drunk & Nobleman

Political Cartoon

The Jewish Juggler

February 1998

The Mystical Side of 15th of Shevat

Celebrating Tu B'Shvat

A Certain Watcher

Political Cartoon

Tangled Vines

Food & Kabbalah

All for a Mitzvah

Waste in Jewish Law


and  the Dryfus Case

January 1998
The Tenth of Teveth

Kabbalah and Science

the Sefad Earthquake

When Bad is Good

the Dead Sea

Bread in Jewish Law

What's it All Worth




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