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  • A Blessing, What for?
    What Purpose Does a Blessing Serve?
    Do We Make Food Better if We Bless it?
  • ROSH
    Poem about the Passing of a Father
    Death, uninvited, entered the room
  • Roseburg, Oregon and the Star of David
    Finding Jewishness in Far Corners of the United States
    What is More Jewish? The Star of David or the Menorah?
  • Living With Lottie
    A Grandson's Fond Memory of His Grandmother
    Recollection of a Jewish Family
  • Shiva: Life and Death Lesson
    Sitting Shiva Offers a Guide by Which to Live
    We Needed To Sit Shiva To Help Us Live
  • My Father's Tallis
    A Present from the Holocaust
    I Will Seek Refuge in the Shelter of Your Tent (Psalm 61:4)
  • Clarion, Utah:
    A Jewish Home in the New Zion of the West
    Early Jewish Settlement in America
  • Humor for the Jewish New Year
    It is Difficult for a Jew Not to Smile
    Even on the Day of Judgement
  • A Friend Was Shot, It Saved My Life
    Real Life Adventure on the Israeli Border near Gaza, 1949
    A True Story From the Time of Israel's Beginnings
  • Prisoner In Tel Aviv, C-1950
    Forced in to Jail in Tel Aviv
    An Experience to Share
  • Jewish Horoscope Predictions for Jewish New Year
    Predictions based on Kabbalistic Astrological Charts
    Big Changes are Coming! Get Ready!
  • Jewish Months
    How Many New Years do Jews Have?
    Why Do Holydays Change Dates from Year to Year?
  • Jewish Access to the Temple Mount
    What is History of the status quo of the Temple Mount?
    What is fact and what is fiction
  • Righteous Among the Nations
    Reinhold Chrystman
    A Brave Man, Almost Unknown
  • The Lynching of Leo Frank
    August 17, 2015 is the 100th anniversary the lynching of Leo Frank.
    An Unjustice gone Unpunished
  • Hebrew
    The Language that Survived
    How an Ancient Language was Rejuvinated
  • The Daymare
    Shoah Childhood: Memory And Remembrance
    What it is Like when the Holocaust Permeats Your House
  • Experiencing the Infinite on a Kibbutz
    A Lasting Memory Etched in Gold
  • Moses Elias Levy
    What Contribution to America did this Jew
    born 1782 in Mogador, Morocco Give?
  • Altalena's Journey to the Promised Land
    A Holocaust Survivor Personal Accounting
  • My Mother's Funeral
    (and Mrs. Gefilte Fish)
  • Jewish Folk Art
    In a Polish Cemetary
  • Holocaust Memoir
    Recalling Slave Labor in a Concentration Camp
  • Democracy or Judaism
    Today's Jewish Problem in Israel
  • Another Diary from the Holocaust
    Comparing Anne Frank with Etty (Esther) Hillesum
    Why is Etty Hillesum obscure while Anne Frank is well known?
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