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December 1999 Chanuka Edition
Chanukah,   Menorah & Mezzuah,   Hanukkah Candlelight vrs. Sunlight,   Yehudit- Heroine of Channuka,   Archaeology in Israel,   Conversations With God,   Jewish Prison Volunteers,   A Humorous Look at Jewish Food,   Truth, Happiness and the American Way,   Inside and Out of Mitzvoth,   and  Humor

October/November 1999 Edition
The Role of the Soul,   Massada,   the Hidden World of Kindness,   Prisoners of Zion,   the Golem,   Intermarriage B.C.E.,   at the Kotel,   Hope for Children with CP,  and  Humor

September High Holidays 1999 Edition
The Relationship between Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, & Succot,   the Saddist Synagogue,   the Kapparot Ceremony,   Web of Hate,   The Goat - Yom Kippur's Star,   Mystical Secret of the Succoth,   Hide & Seek on the High Holidays,   Caesarea - Archaeology and Humor

August 1999 Edition
The Jewish Month of Elul,   Missionaries,   Antiquities from the Golan,   Healing the World,   Turning the Corner - Jewish Thought,   the Ordeal of the Sotah,   A Green Yarmulke,   and Humor,  

July 1999 Edition
Remembering the Temple & Fast Days,   Society & Jewish Social Values,   Tel Quasile - Archaeology,   Simon's Bad Day,   Kamsa & Bar Kamsa - the Traditional Story of Tish B'av,   Torah & the Uniqueness of the Moment,   No Cossacks in America,   and  Humor

June 1999 Edition
Mystical,Intellectual, & Emotional Harmony,   Arlosoroff & Zionism,   the Arrest and Liberation of Jordan Fried,   the Jewish Cowboy,   Inside Russia,   Common Jewish Diseases,   the  Winner of the "It's Not My Job!" Award,   and  Humor

May 1999 Shavuot Edition
Shavuot & the Torah,   Jewish Sexual Traditions,   Holocaust and Anti-Semitic Progression,   Customs of Shavuot,   the Telegram in Old Jerusalem,   Jewish Prisioners,   What is in a Name,   Dealing with Stress, Jewishly,   and Humor!

April 1999 Edition
Jewish Astrology and Horoscopes,   Love, Jewish Style,   the Altalena & the State of Israel,   Two Inspirational Poems,   Jack & the Beanstalk - Jewish style,   the Thief Amongst Us,   and humor

March 1999 Passover Edition
Making an Easy Seder,   Bread on Passover,   Re-Incarnation,   the Innocent Thief of Jerusalem,   Matza Ball Recipe,   the Wicked Son,   Where is Reb Zusha Going?,   Praise & Criticism,   and   Humor

February 1999 Purim Edition
Purim, Happiness and Success,   Doing Purim Right!   Aryeh Levin, Father of Jewish Prisoners,   Rashi,   Mystical Psychology,   Purim Fun,   Israel's Golden Era,   the Rabbi's Assistant,   Small Deeds,   Day One,   and  Humor!

January 1999 Edition
The Rambam,   Re-Incarnation,   Facilitated Communication,   Backpacking through Germany,   Jewish Food in Humor,   Shabbaetai Tzvi,   Making Kiddush,   the Sabbath,   Hatred within Judasim,   and Ho Ho Humor


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