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December 2006 Chanukah
Lighting the Chanukah Menorah Outside the House,   The Menorah,   Chanukah and Shabbat Candle Lighting,   Chanuka in Shetland,   Guide to Lighting Up Right,   Chanukah, Tongue in Cheek,   Separating Sexuality from Business,   Shivah Etiquette: Guide to Comforting the Mourner,   Yiddish Trivia Quiz,   Theodor Herzl's Children,   Visting Tel Shilo that Hosted the Ark of God for 369 Years,   My Reincarnation from Auschwitz,   Holocaust Numbers and Misrepresenting History,   Psalm 122,   Solomon the Accountant,   Holocaust Mentality,   Visiting the Menachem Begin Heritage Center,   Arguing and Respect, Jewish Style,   The Garden of Ruth,  and   Humor Page, of course, off course,  

November 2006
Deadwood City, South Dakota and the Jews of the Old West,   Moshe Katzav and Stupidity,   Test Your Yiddish Skills,   The Get,   The Shalom Zachor,   In the Beginning.,   An Urgent Plea,   Lebanon - While We Were Sleeping,   Where is our Documentary?,   Humor Page,   My Gentile TiVo,   Bat Mitzvah at Masada,   Why Two Days of Yom Tov?,   Check Up on Yourself,   Why Would Someone Sin?,   Psalm 147,  and   Two Short Poems by Two Jewish Poets,  

October 2006 Yom Kippur, Succot & Simchat Torah
Atonement and the Day of Atonement,   Moshe Feiglin, A Different Type of Politician,   The Pope and the Poop,   Enhancing Sprituality with the Succah,   Photo Pictorial: Old Windows of Old Jerusalem,   Simchat Torah - What is in a Name?,   How to Achieve Happiness on Simchat Torah (even if you are depressed),   Why Jewish Speech and Hate Censorship Do Not Mix,   Exploring Jewish Identities and Heritages,   Coming to America,   Humor Page,   Contemplations for Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur and Life,   What Do the Stars Tell Us About the New Jewish Year?,   Single Girls Guide to Finding a Great Guy,   Admiral Rodney and the Jews of St. Eustatius,   Did We Win or Lose the War?,   Rabbi Akiva and the Ten Martyrs,   The Succoth and Guests,   Psalm 98,  and From "holocaust" to "Holocaust" - what is in a word?

September 2006 Rosh HaShannah
In Ellul We Prepare for Rosh HaShannah,   Operation Magic Carpet,   Meet Your Royal Ancestors,   Elul: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Near,   Cuban Jewish Community,   Knicknames and Cousins,   What is More Important, Unity or Mitzvot?,   The Great Rabbi Eliezer,   Living through the Katushas from Hezbollah,   Big Miracles and Small Miracles,   Drugs,Spirituality, and Jokes,   Humor Page,   Why are the British so anti-Israel?,   God Grants an Interview,   Psalm 32,   Will the Western World Win?,   A Prelude and Rhyme - Poems on Israel,   The Resurgence of Orwellian Ideals: Israel, Hisballah and Lebanon,   Israel at War Two Poems,   Mitzvoth Observance or Choice Observance?,   Let Rhetoric Reign: Israeli Arab Conflict,  

August 2006
The Fifteen of Av, the Happiest Time in Jewish Tradition,   Sneaking The Pink Bunny Past Israeli Customs,   The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov,   Self Restraint can be Fatal,   Harnessing God's Help During Times of Need,   Entebbe: Thirty Years Later,   Fleeing Poland During Holocaust,   Bertha's Daughter - Kindness of Strangers to a New Immigrant,   Performing the Tahara before Burial,   Collecting Jewish Athletes,   Medical Rescue, 1943,   Why Not Relax the Rules for Converts? ,   Humor Page,   Undoing the Destruction of the Temple,   Jewish Museum in Finchley,   8th Century Jewish Learning Academies,   We Are the Candle that Lights the Eternal Flame,   Who Will Say Kaddish? ,   Miraculously, the Story Continues Tysmienica Family Tree,  

July 2006
Rope Walker,   The Seventeenth of Tamuz, Tisha B'av, and Mourning for the Temple,   Getting Close to the Edge: Liberalism and Lunacism,   A Tragic Kibbutz Memory from 1950 - Living and Dying near Gaza,   Second Generation Witness to the Holocaust,   A Lesson from the Talmud - Humility, the Lost Virture,   The Cruelest Man and Kindest Man, Adolf Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg, Actually Met,   Must Personal Victory Be At Any Price? ,   From the Humble Eggplant - A Recipe - Call it Baba Gnoosh, Baba Ghannouj, or Baba Ghanouj or Just Plain Salad Chetzelem,   Visiting a Mourner,   Humor Page,   Driving Humbly - Praying and Impressing,   UK Teachers Union Against Israel,   Psalm 1 - A Blessing Marks the Man,   Exploring the Hidden Roots of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict,   A Perspective on the Failings of all Three Mainstream Jewish Movements,   Iran Threatens Israel with Destruction,   Humbly into the Night - A Poem,   Bush's Doctrine: Israel Here Today Gone Tomorrow,   Counting Up, Counting Down,  

June 2006
Shavuot, Completing the Transition from Passover to Shavuot,   Jerusalem's Defenders From the History of Gush Etzion,   Escape from Baghdad, Iraq 1948,   Achieving & Understanding What Holiness Is,   Jude, History of the Yellow Jewish Star,   Shame on Brandeis University Tony Kushner,   Diaspora Jews Answer Back Israelis,   Intermarriage and Jewish Survival,   Humor Page,   Oaxaca Not a Jew to be Found,   A Strong American Economy Means a Stong Israel,   Psalm 34,   The Light In My Zeide's Kitchen,   Jewish Attitude on Midwives,   The Jewish Moshiach,  and As the Holocaust Museum Opened,  

May 2006
Counting the Omer,   Reflections 58 years for the State of Israel,   Escape from Baghdad Iraq 1948,   Israel's 2006 Astrological Horoscope,   A Practical Guide to Begining Torah Study,   The Fresser The Eternal Internal Jewish Problem,   Standing Oyvetions,   Mount Carmel Eliahu, the Prophet and Archeology in Israel,   What is the Jewish View on Marriage and Divorce?,   Humor Page,   The Separation Fence Comes to Israel, Part 2,   Memior: From the Russian Revolution to the USA, Today,   Holocaust Survivors' Cookbook,   A Prayer for Gershon Levin,   Is a Palestinian State Relevant?,   The Jewish Bull Rider,   Jephthah's Daughter,  

April 2006 Passover
Understanding the Central Point of Passover Mission to Palestine, 1946,   A Pictorial Visit to a Hand Made Matza Factory,   Archeology in Israel - Herodion,   Yichud Prevent Sexual Abuse the Jewish Way,   Jewish Antiquities at Qasr Al-Amir,   Passover: Learning A Lesson from Pharoah,   Grandma Rachel's Passover Pounce and Pinch,   The Separation Fence Comes to Israel,   American Jews are Vanishing,   Jews in Italy (1848-1923),   Humor Page,   The Passover Brisket Caper,   Is the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt Merely a Myth?,   How NOT to clean for Passover Humor,   Passover Stringency Humor,   Jethro - Priest of Midian,   Pesach in Egypt,   Debt of Honor,   Gush Katif and Home,   Schizophrenia and Ashkenazi Jews,  

March 2006 Purim
Purim, Haman, Hitler, and the Arabs,   Outwitting the Gestapo,   Hamas, Fatah, and Israel,   Mishloach Manot - Jewish Trick or Treat,   House of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook,   Jewish Life in Cluj, Hungary Before the Holocaust,   The Good Name, from the holocaust,   Story based on the Holocaust,   Humor Page,   Purim & Being Happy the Whole Year,   Saved from the Holocaust,   Why Does God Bring Defective Babies into the World?,   Munich, the film,   Review and Thoughts on "Paradise Now", the Film,   Isaac, Jacob, and Esau,   Pickles, the Jewish Bird,   A Jew is a Jew is a Jew,   Let's Have Second, Third, and Later Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,   and Let Public Schools Teach Hebrew!,  

February 2006
Tu B'Shvat, New Year or Bar Mitzvah?,   The True Story of Billy the Kid & The Murder of Morris Bernstein,   Religion, Religious Criminals, and G-d,   Eli Cohen, Our Man in Damascus,   Mamshit & the Ancient Synagogue of Maon,   The Catonists' Saga,   Rabbi Walsh, the Exorcist,   Problems of Arab Journalists Reporting the News,   Humor Page,   Is Keeping Kosher an Aspect of Being "Holier-Than-Thou"?,   Ariel Sharon, the Heart of a Lonely Soldier,   Arik Sharon - He Charted His Nation's Destiny,   Jesse, father of King David - God Searches All The Heart,   Ariel Sharon - Our Friend's Trip is Done,   Comparision of Arab and Jewish Nobel Prize Winners,   For the Love of a Land and a People,  

January 2006
The Ketuba, the Jewish Marriage Agreement,   Beyond the Fire,   Why Marry?,   Yavne Yam,   Getting Your Prayer Answered,   The Uniqueness of Jewish Meditation,   The Night the Rabbi Came for Supper,   Lighting Shabbat Candles,   Humor Page,   Swing of the Pendulum,   Munich - the Movie,   What it was Like: Growing Up Jewish in Hungary,   From Rechovot to Karnei Shomron - Moving Beyond the Green Line,   How Grandpa Won the Hand of Grandmother,  and The Stomach of Monsieur Kornett


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