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December 2013  
Max Nordau was the Co-Founder of the World Zionist Organization with Theodor Herzl
Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 2014 according to Kabbalah
Vatican and its Relationship to Fascism and the Jews
The Jewish Roots Of Nablus - Shechem
Enjoy the Jewish Magazine Joke and Humor Page
A Humorous Supernatural Tour through a Grave Yard Bring Souls up from the Other World
Motive and Opportunity : the Kotzker Rebbe thoughts are deep wells of inspirations
Guard Your Health is the Jewish Way
Whispers in Jars: Reflections on a Jewish Life in a Poem
A Poem: The Beautiful Maiden Who Cries With No Eyes
Reaping Rewards in this World
The Hebrew word 'Kushi' has been commonly mis-translated as 'n****r'. What does it really mean?
A Bit of American Jewish History: the Georgia Jewish Community
The Jews of Cochin who trace their history 2,000 years ago as sailors in the fleets of King Solomon
Évian: How the World Allowed Hitler to Proceed with the Holocaust
The Docent: A Modern Story with a Holocaust Background
The Wall of Tears - A Jewish Story
The Reality of Jewish Mothers
Reflections of the Jewish Mother of a College Freshman
Must Religion be Expensive?

November 2013   Chanukah
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October 2013  
Jews and Jewish Cowboys in the Early West
Attraction and Attachment: Discern between Addiction or Attractioin
Anna's Story: a Jewess Growing Up in Pre-Nazi Austria
King David: the Role Model for Success
What has Happened to the Americans? Have Americans Become Dumb or Just Plain Stupid?
Babi Yar - Commemorating the Holocaust in the Ukraine
Laura Margolis: Shanghai Savior 1941-1943
Holocaust Reflections: Did the bestiality and horrors prove sufficient to end anti-Semitism?
Humor Page: Enjoy a Few Good Jokes
Yiddle Joe: The Jewish Cowboy
Older Volunteers from the USA for the Israeli Army
A Little Help from Our Friends: Chesed means Helping Each Other
The Frau: Jewish Short Story
What is in a Name? Changing from a Jewish name to a non Jewish name
Leadership in the Wilderness: Authority and Anarchy in the Book of Numbers
Portugal, New Christians: the Marranos, and the right of return
Can Vilnius Remember Vilna? Remembering the Liquidation of the Vilna ghetto
An Orthodox Jew in China has Interesting Observations
Was Shakespeare Jewish?
Developing a Relationship with God
The Feather: Finding Our True Place in Time and Space
The Party's Over: Memorial Messages On a Lonely Rainy Day
Finding Jewish Leadership

August/September 2013 High Holiday Issue  
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June/July 2013  
Break in at the Jewish Magazine office may prevent the publication of the online magazine.
Haym Salomon was an American Revolutionary Patriot who personally suffered and sacrificed much for the American cause
The Great Revolt in the Galilee: Ancient Jewish History
What Happened to Free Speech: Has the law has made perversion proper and being proper a perversion?
Jewish Humor
What is the Jewish View on Gun Control? a Rebuttal
Is There any Justification to a Jewish Claim on Gaza? A Brief Historical Review
Utilizing Jewish Ethical Teaching for Increasing Life's Productivity
Cracking the Dating Game: Getting down the Basic Skills
Palestine 1948 Betrayed by Efraim Karsh
Fugitive Colors: A Story of an Orthodox Boy with a Special Talent
Does Learning Torah Safeguard the People who Live in the Land of Israel?
What does learning Torah and Eating food have in common?
Who is Real: God or Man?
The God Problem: What Problem can one have with God?
Kreplach: the Jewish Answer to dumplings
The Three Levels of Pleasure: How Many Have You Achieved?
The Rich Man and the Wise Man: is there a Relationship between Wealth and Wisdom?
Escape from Baghdad: One Man's True Experiences Escaping from Iraq
A Jewish Story of a Boy and a Rabbi
Remembering Our Mothers: Candle Sticks Ignite a Memory
War as a win-win option

April/May 2013  
The Extent of Nazism in the Middle-East: the Farhud
Jewish Kingdom of Septimania (a medieval kingdom in southern France in the eighth century)
The Mystical Source of the Third Temple
Jewish Humor
Hank Greenberg, American Jewish Hero and Baseball Star
Jews and Gun Control
Peace on Mount Zion: Will Israel ever find Peace?
Midpoint of the World: democracy can kill democracy
Humor: New Concept will Bring Peace to the Middle-East
Marvelous Marvin
From out of the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Poem
What was Missing on Shavout?
Meditation in Judaism
Passion and Sex: Is there a Place in the Torah?
Converting to Judaism: Problems in the Road
Is Finding Religion Necessarily Finding God?
How I Met Your Mother: The Ultimate Shidduch Story
How An American Girl Meets Her Georgian Husband in Ashdod
Shelter from the Storm: Gimme da Money!
Jewish Story: Do Martians Really Speak Yiddish?

March 2013  
The True Story of William Saunders Crowdy, a Slave, who went on to become a Black Rabbi
Amazing but Little Known Story of a Russian Jewish colony that sprang up in Virginia 1882 - 1883
Titus's Arch, A Jewish Perspective
I've Become Addicted to Jewish Humor
The Forgotten Origin of the Ethiopian Jews; from Northern Sudan
Every Family Has a terrible family secret
Truth, Justice or Peace? which is the Jewish choice?
What is Different in the Islamic Mind that makes them think differently from us?
Britian and the Balfour Declaration
I Am a Jewish Woman, I Speak to God: A Jewish Woman's Prayer as a Poem
Making a Mystical Understanding of Mitzvot: The Connection to God
Welcome to the legendary Jews of Chelm's Pond
Visiting the Chinese Jews in China
Lithuanian Holocaust Rememberance: The sight of neo-Nazis parading through Lithuania's capital
The State of Israel and Holocaust Denial
Does the Pursuit of Peace Brings War?
The Reality of Life and Death, of God and the Soul
Where Idealism and Realism Collide: the Israeli Liberals
Humor: License to Kvell
If Famous People had Jewish Mothers, a little humor
The Seeker, A Humorous Jewish Story
Sunday The Rabbi Converted: Jewish Life, Jewish Humor and Soul Searching

March 2013 Passover 
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February 2013 Purim 
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January 2013  
August Bondi The True Story of an Abolitionist Jew who fought to free the American Slaves
The Amazing Story of a German Jew who Fought Against the Nazis
One Kibbutz, Two Summers: Notes on Changes in the Kibbutz System After 40 Years of Absence: What are the Striking Changes?
Jewish Humor We can all use some Vitamin H: Humor and a Joke thrown in..
Israel as an 'Apartheid' state: The Thoughts of an ex-South African who lived in White-ruled South Africa and knows what 'apartheid' is first hand
The Temple Mount in Words and Photographs: The Sacred and the Profane
David's Sling; Is It Broken? Israel and the Relationship to the Various Arab Countries
Volunteering to Help the Israeli Army
With What Merit do the Women Gain Access to the Next World? Women's Changing Role in Torah and Mitzvot, Yesterday and Today
Poem: Can a moral man maintain his moral code in an immoral world?
On the Tenth of Tevet the Torah was Translated into Greek. Why was this a Tragic Event and not a Reason to Rejoice?
Keeping Company with Anne: A True Story of a Holocaust Survivor who is Called to Give Testimony to His Personal Experiences under the Cruel Nazis
Momma, Why do my Tephilin have to be Black? Strangely, it is the only thing all Jews Agree About.
Why are Jews so smart? IQ: Analytical vrs Memory, which do you think is worth more?
How to Stop Worrying and Live a Tranquil Life
What can Abraham, Isaac and Jacob teach us on How to Live a Happy Life? Didn't they have plenty of Problems?
The Secret of Jewish Parenting: The Ultimate Balancing Act: Letting go of our children
How can we Take Lessons from the Torah and Apply them to Real Life?
If they had Jewish mothers (and maybe they did)! Tongue in Cheek
The Letter to God: An Old Russian Folk Story (translated from the Russian into English)
Book Review: To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the "Arab Spring"


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