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December 2011 Chanuka
New for Chanukah: Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah,     Thank God, We have Channuka, not Christmas,     A Single Vial of Oil,    
New Articles: A New History of Grigory Rasputin and his relationship with the Jews,     Joseph Goebbels: Propaganda and Myth,     Solomon Bibo, a Jewish man from Poland, was a Chief of the Acoma Indians of New Mexico,     Holocaust Revelations: A Holocaust Survivors Opens up to Her Daughter,     Finding the Original Hebrew Script: Paleo-Hebrew,     Visiting the History of the Hebrew Alephbet Exhibit in the Tower of David,     Bronx Memories,     The Jewish Pledge of Allegiance: the Shema,     Shmuel Zygielbaum's Journey to Alert the World to the Nazi Extermination of the Jews,     The Ship of Fools: Polictical Commentators and Understanding the News,     Actions Have Consequences: Bernie Madoff and The Holocaust,     Why Abbas Doesn't Want Jews in Palestine,     Transmogrifying The World: a Poem,   and   A Poem about Finding God,    

November 2011  
Joseph Goebbels: Art, Culture and the Nazi State,     Exploring Jewish Roots in Yiddish in Vilna,     A True Story from the Holocaust From the Displaced Person's Camp,     Cruelty to Animals: The Jewish Perspective,     Learning about Life from The Tree of Life,     Book of Samuel: Lessons on: Arrogance, Anger and G-d,     Creation of a Palestinian State: A Better Plan,     The World's First Woman Engineer,     Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,     Jewish Humor - Catering Her Own Wedding: Alone in the Temple, or You've Glatt to be Kidding,     Humor: The Bar Mitzvah Ceremony through the Eyes of the Bar Mitzvah Teacher,     Fleeing from the European Holocaust - a True Story,     The True Story of a Collection of Violins Recovered from the Holocaust,     Animals in the Holocaust,     Book Review: Jewish Prayer,     Raising the Rates of Return: Invest in Your Own Life, Not Just Your Money,     My Grandfather Escaping Czarist Russia,     Poem: Double Date with an Anti-Semite,     Two Chassidic Poems,     Finding Paradise on Highway 89,     Women Make Jewish Souls,     The Worth Of A Human Life,     The Energy of a Mezuzah,   and   You Can Trust Man To Do His Job,    

September-October 2011 High Holidays  
New for the Holidays: Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5772-2011,     The Joke: Atonement and Forgiveness: Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,     Open the Gates on Rosh HaShanah,     Special for Rosh Hashanah: Ten Ways to be a Mentsch,     Chosen Road - a Poem for Rosh HaShanah,     For the Sin I Have Sinned: A Yom Kippur Story from the Holocaust,     Sacredness - a Poem for Yom Kippur,     Book Review: the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy,     Astrological Forecast for the New Jewish Year,    
New Articles: Jewish Soldiers in Hitler's Nazi Army,     Old Cemeteries in Poland with Jewish Tombstones,     Freedom of Religion versus Animal Rights,     Hitler's Misanthrope: Paul Joseph Goebbels, Chief of Nazi Propaganda,     The Story of Hannah's Clock: A True Story from World War II,     Magic Eyelashes: Visit to Bubbie and Zaddie,     Dunkirk, Remembering the Invasion,    

August 2011  
Four Immortal Chaplains who Died to Save Men of All Faiths,     Why Jewish Minds Excel in Academics,     Susie & Edit - True Story of Fleeing Hitler's Europe,     Pequots, Peki'in and Palestinianism and the story of Israel,     Will all Israel return to the Promised Land?,     Will a Palestinian State Benefit the Palestinians?,     Visiting the Jewish American Museum,     "Hey Dad! What's A Moyel?" Bris Humor,     Cool Off,     America, the Beautiful using Earth's resources?,     "Was Your Grandfather Jewish?" A Jew Travels in Europe,     Can Love be Dictated?,     Tu B'Av, Reconnect with your Spiritual Base,     Tradition of Tisha B'Av In The Fourth Century,     Reflections on Tisha B'Av,     Mystical Primer: The Godly Realm of Atzilut,     What is the Best Form of Government from a Jewish Perspective?,     The Power of a Jewish Woman,     Remembering Pesach Kaplan, Yiddish Writer,     Heart Conversations in Yiddish,     Speechless Times: A Very Short Poem,     What would the Animals in the Bible tell us if they could speak?,   and   Book Review: Koren Rosh Hashana Mahzor 

July 2011  
Jews and the Battle of the Little Big Horn,     American Jews and the Congressional Medal of Honor,     Why are Jews so Smart?,     Brit without Milah: Something New or Nothing at All?: Non Violent Circumcision: Is this Something or just a Scam?,     Holocaust History: Six Years to Escape from Hell,     The Concubine and the Tribe of Benjamin,     After the Holocaust: Reviving the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery,     Humor: A Break from the Mundane,     Jewish enough for Hitler,     Book Review: In the Narrow Places: for the Three Weeks,     The Holocaust in Poland: Zegota and Rescuing Jews,     Several Poems about the Beauty of Summer,     Sumsum Requiescat: A Story about an Ordinary Woman in Israel,     Visting the Khirbet Karta Archeological Ruins near Athlit,     What is the Difference between G-d fearing and Pious? Exploring Ethics,     Mystical Primer: the Beginning of Revelation,     Jewish Humor: Passover as Seen Through the Eyes of a Foreign Worker Is Life's Value Measured by its Capacity to Entertain? Value of Life and the Third Temple,     Money Can Bring Happiness: The Real Cost of Living,     On Teaching Judaism to Seventh Graders,     Discriminationfor Being a Jew Visiting the Temple Mount,     and   Three Animal Stories from the Torah: The Serpent, the Dove and the Camel,    

June 2011  
Shmuel Zygielboim: A Lost Cassandra, the Holocaust and Zionism ,     The Strange Story of Micah, contrasting the Grandsons of Moses to Aaron, from the Book of Judges ,     Samson - Was He Really the Type of Good Jewish Boy We Want from our Sons? ,     Joel Edelman - A Holocaust Survivor ,     On Transmitting Family Trauma to the Next Generation ,     The Holocaust Was The Murder Of Six Million Jews ,     Kristallnacht - the beginning of Fleeing Nazi Europe ,     Trying to Make Sense in a World that Does Not Make Sense ,     Introduction to Chasidic Concepts, Part 5 ,     Voluntary Simplicity and the Torah Life ,     Shavout from the Past, Captured on Video from the Spielberg Archives ,     The Synagogue in Rome with Five Shuls, A Lesson in Jewish Pluralism ,     What Would Bible Animals Say if They Could Talk? ,     Contempory Jewish Life: Notes from a Writing Center ,     Life in Israel; View from an Ex-Pat ,     The Other Shore, a book excerpt ,     Stories of the Sages of the Second Temple Period ,     Shepherd Boy, a Jewish story ,     A Jewish Fantasy Story ,     The Phone Urge, a Story ,     Jewish Education: Four Things I Wish You Didn't Say To Your Teenager ,   and   Humor: A Break from the Mundane

May 2011  
Inside The Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania,     Sixty Three Years of Independence: Israel's Independence Day,     Deborah the Prophetess,     Humor to Chill Out With,     Good and Bad Deaths,     Blessings Under the Big Sky,     Book Review: Jews from Arab Lands,     Grandparents and the Chain of Generations,     Immigrant Pioneers to the USA,     The Two-State "Solution": Around The World and in History,     Raytheon And The Rabbi: Small Town Kosher,     A Jewish Story of Three Women, Three Generations,     Tapestry: The Inner Desire for Spirituality,     Primer of Chasidic Concepts, Part 4,     The Death of Rabbi Akiva's 24,000 Students the Omer ,     Making Peace: Learning from the Kaddish Prayer,     Jewish Ox Tail Recipe,     The Mother's Bris Experience,     Yehudah Bar Ilia,     The Jewish Tiger: Guilty and Suffering,     "Rough-and-tumble" of Israel's Democracy,     Lotto & Rational Irrational People,     Genetics of Jewish History and Prediction of the Next Tragedy,     Till Death Did Us Part,     Ode to a Jewish Mama,   and   Three Jewish Poems about God and Holiness,    

April 2011  PASSOVER
For full Passover Magazine Click Here,     Featured Articles:   Guide to Make a Very Easy Passover Meal,     The Seder Made Easy,     The Four Cups during the Seder & Our Four Mothers,     A Humorous Glimpse into a Typical American Passover,     Fermentia: Passover Fear!,     Passover and the Invention of the Sandwich by Hillel,     The Prelude And Flight From Egypt,     Our Passover in Jerusalem,     The Journey Home from the Holocaust in Lithuania,     Living Past the Holocaust: a Survivor's Story,     A Zionist debt fulfilled: Rev. William Hechler, the Christian who backed Theodor Herzl,     Humor, Jokes and Assorted Chuckles,     Jewish Stamps Commissioned for England ,     Kabbalah for Atheists,     Learning Kabbalah Through Humor,     Nostra Aetate: The Popes' Proclamation that the Jews are Not Responsible for Killing Jesus,     A Poem to Remember the Fogel Family from Itamar that was Murdered by Arab Terrorists,     The Great Pool Hall Caper: A Jewish Story,   and   Relevance of the Torah and Sacrifices to a Secular Jew    

March 2011 Purim
NOTE: For full Purim Magazine Click Here,     Featured Articles:   Purim: Pleasure, Enjoyment and the Evil Decree,     A True Story of Purim in Galitzia, 1917,     Purim Guide for 2011,     Purim Meal Planner for a Great Festive Purim Meal,     Purim: Learning to be Happy the Entire Year!,     Passover to Purim, Mystically Speaking,     Judeo-Arabic Purim Literature,   and   Purim Years Ago as seen in the Video Archives,    

February 2011  
Abraham ibn Ezra, the Scholar's Rabbi from the Middle Ages,     Persuit of Pleasure, God, and Kabbalah,     Does Israel Suffer from the Battered Woman Syndrome? Leo Frank, the Jews and Zionism,     Jewish Kasha Recipe,     Mystical Primer: Adam Kadmon, Arik Anpin, Atik Yomin, Tzimtzumim,     Comparing Censorship Under the Germans and under the Russians,     Visiting the Sick: Proper Etiquette and Behavior for Vising the Ill,     Humor to Warm Up With,     Canada Boycots Durban,     Was Joachim Gaunse the first to discover Gold in North Carolina?,     Remembering and Resembling your Parents,     Gifts from my Grandfather,     Intermarriage in England,     What is the Percentage of Jews?,     Emissary of the Doomed: Bargaining for Lives in the Holocaust,     A Day's leave in Rome During World War II,     Is it Possible to Command Some One to Believe if it is NOT in His Heart?,     Conquering Tay-Sacks Disease,     Rabbi Yose HaGalili and visiting the Galilee,     Visiting Wineries North of Jerusalem,     "Traifener Kop!" Overnight in a Jewish Camp,     Facing Salvador: A Story of a Child's Courage,     M is for the Many Things She Told Me: A story of Life and Death,    and     A Little Jewish Town: a Holocaust Story,    

January 2011  
Astrological Horoscope for 2011,     Introduction to Understanding the Hasidic Mystical System, Part 2,     Shiva Etiquette - Visiting a Jewish Home Durring the Seven Day Mourning Period,     How did the Chinese Chicken become a Jewish recipe?,     Who is a Jew: the Challenge of Modern Jewry,     Making of the Jewish Identity in the Twentieth Century,     Farewell, Mother - True Story from the Holocaust,     Ingredients to Ensure a Happy Marriage,     Growing from Noah's Experience, the Flood and the Tower of Babel,     Humor to Make it through January,     Where Did Atlit And Hadar Haifa Go after 62 years absence?,     The Temple Mount is the Heart of Jewish Israel,     Showboat - the Broadway Play that Captured America,     The Reality of Feelings; the Reality of Thought,     Super Bowl Yahrzeit - The Green Bay Packers and my Father,     The Wonderful Shabbat in Sfat,     Shmuel Hakoton - the Sublime Outlook of a Sage of the Talmud,     Jewish Free Loan Societies, the G'mach in Israel,     Support our Home Team: Israel,     Millions of Souls: A Holocaust Memoire,     Can You Percieve God in this World?,     The Interview - A Jewish Story,     Two Jewish Poems,   and   Gratitude: the Gateway to Happiness  


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