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December Chanukah 2002
Kosher Sex,      Could Santa Bring a Hanukka Present?   Chanukah, A Time of Inspiration,   Bubbie & Zadie Recall the Holocaust,    Chanukah Recipe,   Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,    Megiddo,    Red Cross Double Crosses Jews,    Menorah Shopping in Texas,     King Solomon's Prayer,    The J Letter,    Humor

November 2002
Put Arafat on Trial,    Bikur Cholem,    Bridging Troubled Water,   Putting out the Fire,   Forgive Our Trespasses,   Archaeology - Be'er Sheva,   Israel's Most Dangerous Enemies  Revealing Secrets of the TorahNews Flashes,    Jewish Renaissance in Melitopol,    Humor

October 2002
Is Religion Ruining Judaism?,    Chaim Wiezmann ,   The Righteous Thief ,   Appeasement, Hitler, and Arafat,   Jewish Charity is Different,   Archaeology - The Ancient City of David in Jerusalem,   Israel, Democracy and PoliticsThe Story of Abraham, our PatriarchTwo RoadsPost Traumatic Stress Disorder & Cockroaches,    Humor

September 2002 High Holidays
About Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur,    AlbertEinstein, the Jew    The Temple and the Sanctuary,   Experiencing Succoth,   A Train in Poland,   Archaeology - Tel Dan,   A Mystical Succot Experience,    A Story for Rosh HashannahJoshua - A Man of Faith,    the Myth of al-Aqsa,    Israel's Big Contest,    Day of Remembrance,    Israelis Behaving Like Nazis,  and Humor

August 2002
Slichot - Preparing for Rosh Hashanah,    I Believe Arafat    The Beauty of the Hebrew Language,   The New Neighbors,   The Super-Duper Supermarket,   Archaeology in Hatzor,   Personal Improvement through Personal Accounting,    Return from BabylonJudaism Versus IslamOn Being Jewish,    Humor

July 2002
Of Cockroaches and Kings,   Dhimmi - Jews and Christians Under Islam    Suddenly There Was War in Mandate Palestine,   Spiritual Exercises in Remembering Jerusalem,   The Function of the 3rd Temple,   Archaeology in Tiberia,   Anti-Semitism - It's All About Theft    David and Jonathan,    Experiencing Germany after the War,    Samuel, Saul and Prophecy,     Overcoming Frustrations,    Humor

June 2002
Torah and the Tzaddikim,   The Dofus Case   Tel Lachish,   Massacre in Mandate Palestine,   Jail in Jewish Law,   Scary Memories,   Sarah, Mother of Nations,   Elevator Talk - Vos iz der tachlis?"Yiddish HumorFaith versus Logic    Humor

May 2002
Hannah Senesh,   Kabalistic Reflection on Creation and the Creator Life in Mandate Palestine - Commencement,   Terror, Islam and its Inherent Danger,   Legends from the Talmud - Rava & ben Sheshek,   The Choice,   On Watch for Neo Nazis,    If A Jew Ran for PresidentOrchids - As the Tanks Rolled into NablusMoses, part 3    Humor

April 2002
Customs & Traditions of the Omer    Democracy & Zionism,   Omer Insigts,   Anti-Semitism & Self Delusion,   Hamas Humor,   Peace & War,   Prague Report,    Ein Gedi,     Victory in the Arab Conflict,     Discrediting Fear,   Oslo -a Religious Cult,      I.D.F. Officer Reports     Moses, part 2    Humor

March Passover 2002
Searching for Chometz    Passover, its Essence in its Name,   Bernard Lewis on Islam,   The True Face of Islam,   Moses - He Led Them Out,   Bread Mills in the Lower Galilee,   The Answer, My Friend,    Leaving Egypt - a First Hand Account,     Passover - As Reported in the Impartial Israeli Press,     Bitter Herb,   Passover, the Chicken and the Egg      Chad Gadya,     The One Miracle,    Humor

February Purim 2002
Purim, Adar & Happiness throughout the Year,   Purim, How to do it Up Right !,   War Ain't a Social Club,   The Teaching of a Debased Rabbi,   Customs and Traditions in Mourning,   Yizkor - the Prayer to Remember,   Tour Guiding in the West Bank,   When Chinese Worry Met Jewish Angst,   The Tenth Man,    Esther,   Humor

January 2002
Redemption of the First Born Son Tu B'Shvat,   Four Weeks out in Shechem,   Lillian Wald,   Jewish Realism & Free Choice,   Sherlock Holmes & Jewish Heritage,   Graveyard Hopping,   Gideon,   Sharon vrs Churchill,   Keeping Kosher,   Mom's Dating Rules,   Religion & Animal Activism,   Humor


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