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December 2012   Chanukah Special  
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October/November 2012  
The fate of Palestine, Woodrow Wilson, America's policy and Inacuraces in the King Crane Report
The Jewish King of Poland
The Messiah and Theodor Herzl
Did Maimonides really pray on the Temple Mount?
The Cow: a Story about the agricultural colonies established by Baron Maurice de Hirsh around the turn of the 20th century
The life and times of Saadia Gaon
Humor, Jokes and a couple of Chuckles
Hebrew - Moi?, New in Israel?
Chosen People, Jewish Humor
Wisdom from Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and a Few Other Friends
The 1965 Watts Riots vrs. Jewish Life
Germany: A Jewish Tourist's Observations
Mosaic Rhetoric: The Lawgiver's Last Will to the Children of Israel
How You can Find a Buried Treasure
God: Using a Gift Properly makes the Giver Happy
My First Torah Lesson: Good Fences Make Good Jews
A Poem: Hear, O Israel
Poem: A Shayna Maidel
A Jewish Story of a Jew in Middle-Age Syria
Story: The Shrewd Constable by Mikhailo Staritsky (1840-1904)
Book: The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War


August/September 2012  
Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5773-2012
Amazing Astrological Forecast for the New Jewish Year
The Secret of the Shofar Blowing on Rosh HaShanah
How Can Repentance, Prayer, and Charity remove the Evil Decree?
Ten Days of Apologies: The Power of Apology
Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur are Times of Change
A Bird from Heaven: A Story for Rosh HaShannah
The Holocaust, American Response and the bombing of Auschwitz: Was there any Effort to Rescue the Jews?
Parenting: Purpose or Pardon? The Case of the Jewish Weight-lifter-ess
War on Terror: What are the Legal Issues Related to International Terrorist Acts and State Support
Serious Problems Surface in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox World
Ancient Canaanites and Israelites meet Jews and Israelis
What is the Real Cause of Hatred towards Jews?
The Jewish Gauchos Of Argentina are the Equivilant to the American Cowboys
My Mother, the Shadchen and our Boarder
God of Creation, A Poem
and Humor is Always Welcome


July/August 2012  
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Golda Meir, Yom Kippur War, and the Anti-Semite who saved Israel
Yitzhak Shamir: A personal story
Israel Today: the Ultra Orthodox, Secular Israelis, the IDF Draft, and Well Being
The Ultra-Orthodox and Army Service in Israel: a Response
Visiting Vilna, once the Jerusalem of Europe
Holocaust Art Exhibit at the Israel Museum
Lost and Found: A Holocaust Story
Growing Up Jewish before World War II Holocaust
"Abtreibungen macht frei": Abortion Camps
Gedemfte Flaysh For All Mankind: the food of Jewish Giants and Flanken Recipe
Building Self Confidence through Contemplation in God
Do You Really Believe that the Koreans Learn Talmud?
Tisha B'Av: The Jewish Response to Tragedy
What is Missing in Fasting?
Jewish Racism: Is it Superior to the Racism of the Gentiles?
Jews Without a Deep Understanding of Their Own Religion, Heritage, and History Think Little of Disavowing Them
Palestinian Authority Cheats on Population Count
Apathetic Robots are Roaming the Streets of America: the Internet
Raising Children, How to and How not to
Book Review: Steinsaltz New English Talmud Bavli
Humor, Jokes and a couple of Chuckles
Jewish Humor: Bologna with Mayo on White Bread
Jacob's Ladder: the Great-Grandfather I Never Knew
Jewish Humor: Moses' Family: What were they like?
Laurie Lipman & the Seder: A Gentile's View of Judaism
Jewish Poem: The Hand of the Beholder
Ashes: Holocaust Poem
Among the Sages


June/July 2012  
Is it All about Motherhood?,
My Grandmother and that Son of a Bitch Hitler,
Revelations from Khirbet Qeiyafa,
Mr. Obama's Peace Process and the Duality of Language,
A Concentration Camp Diary,
Some Humor, a few Jokes and a couple of Chuckles,
My Father, the Philosopher,
Over His Head-A Very Jewish Story,
My Jewish Cat - Jewish Humor in a Jewish Story,
"S'iz Shver Tsu Zayn A Yid"! - It's Hard to be a Jew,
Survivors from the Refugee Boat "Exodus" Meet 64 Years Later,
A Cartoon - The Truth According to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
The Choosen Fantastic People: a Poem,
Requiem - a Poem,
Finding Love, Happiness and Fulfillment in Marriage and Life,
Man's Advantage over G-d,
Living without Boxes, a System of Pre-Judging all Men,
Psalms and Prophecy: the Essence of Man,
The Czech Holocaust Torah at Beit Tshuva in Los Angeles,
Mussar Moments at the End of My Mother's Life,
The Great "Aha Moment" in Israel,
The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck,
Post Palestine Israel: Is this the Next Holocaust?,
Losers and Keepers - the (mis)portrayal of Jewish Argentina,
Why Judging Others is a Barrier and a Burden,
Lieselotte 1941 - Poem from the Holocaust,
Life Goes On - Poetical View of Life

May 2012  
Jewish Abortion, When is it Permitted? Eugenics and the Holocaust,
Sandy Koufax: a Brief Encounter,
How to Achieve the Perfect Marriage,
Jewish Marriages Made in Heaven,
Humor, Jokes and Assorted Chuckles,
Humor in a Florida Vein,
Humor: Have an Apple,
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's Sidur is an Amazing Work,
Yiddish, a Bisle of History of its Development,
The Last Self-Congratulatory Jew,
When Sorrele Found Itzig: A Taste of Honey,
To See The Light, a Jewish Story,
The American Jew: How One Group of Immigrants Changed a Nation,
A Jewish State or a State of Jews?,
Experiencing Lag B'Omer in Israel,
Yom Ha'Shoah: National Holocaust Rememberance Day,
The Finger of God in a Holocaust Memorial?,
Why Peace will not come with Islam ,
In Which Direction is America's Morality Heading?,
Sex, Money, and Video Games: a Modern Equivilant to Idolatry?,
Torah Values for Life and Business,
Reflections on my Mother from a Long Gone Age,
Polish Holocaust Study Exchange

April 2012 Passover Special
The Seder Made Easy,
Antagonist's Civil War Passover,
Make a Matza Sandwich Like Hillel with Soft Matza,
What was lost in the Holocaust?,
What Happened to Israeli Brains and Courage?,
Why is the Number Four so Popular at the Seder? Why not Three?,
The History of Charoset for Passover with International Recipes,
A Wonderful Passover Story of the Haggadah and the Exodus from Egypt,
Passover Poem about the Exodus from Egypt,
The Enchanted Matzoh,
The Longest Seder,
Martin Winter: The True Story of a Holocaust Survivor who Rebuilt His Life,   and   Her Name Was Klara Jasinski An Encounter with a Polish Holocaust Survivor

March 2012 Purim Special
Click Here to See our Purim 2012 Special,

February 2012  
An Apology: Homosexuals, Gays, Lesbians And Jewish Law,
The Medieval Parur Synagogue In South India,
Visiting the Jews of India,
Memories from a Synagogue,
The Koran, The Tribute, Or The Sword! - Islam's Conquest of the Middle East,
Preserving the Memory of the Holocaust,
Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,
Humor: My New Jewish Food Channel,
Humor: Yoga for Jewish Mothers OR: The Sacred "OY",
Humor: Reality Bus,
Jewish Story: Always Beside Me,
Poem: All Men Are Like Sailors,
Poem: The Child Asks Why,
A True Lesson in Faith in God,
Mystical Primer: God's Kingdom and Reign over the World,
Talmudic Lesson: Why say Psalm 145 Three Times a Day?,
Creating Meaningful Jewish Rituals - A Recipe for Well-Being,
Who Was Patriarch Abraham's Mother?,
Science and the Torah: The Age of the Earth,
Book Review: How Did Jews Fare in Arab Lands?,
A Brief History of the Chazan and the Cantor,   and   Humor?: (not) Coping with Bureaucracy,

January 2012  
Have Homosexuals Taken Over Jewish Education?,
Jewish Astrological Kabbalistic Horoscope for 2012,
Philosophy and God,
Why the Ultra Orthodox in Israel Do Not Work,
Becoming Aware of the Hidden Dangers in Groups,
Jewels from the Talmud, a Lesson from the Gemora,
Jews in Germany of the 1770's,
Jewish Immigrants to America as Seen through Letters,
The Persian Conquest Of Jerusalem,
Jewish Life with Special Needs Children,
Jews, Genes, and Converts to Judaism,
Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,
Grossinger's, the Jewish American Experience,
Yiddish, a bisle History,
A Return to the Jewish Roots,
Renewing Jewish Inspiration from the Birthright Program,
The Brooklyn Dodger Meets The Louisville Slugger,
Jews at the Time of the Civil War,
A Terror Of Knives, a story,   and   What does G-d's Tefillin Say?,


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