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December 2008 Chanukah
Jewish Horoscope for 2009,   What is the Essence of Hannuka? ,   The Greeks made three decrees against the Jews: the brit (circumcision), Shabbat observance, and the New Moon. ,   Chanukah Guide A Simple Guide to Observing Hanukkah,   The Elah Fortress Uncovered Ancient Jewish City unearthed in Elah Valley ,   Mystical Explanation of the Chanukah Lights ,   a Humorous Story about Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Kravitz and Chanukah ,   Potato Latke Recipe ,   The Great Grandson of Kaiser Wilheim II Come to Jerusalem ,   The Laughing Clarinet,   Rebecca Eden, World War II nurse,   Honoring Those Who Refused to Remain Silent,   Did a kindness to Hermann Goering help a family escape the holocaust?,   You can enhance your life by employing a bit of Hesitiation, how? Read on...,   My Ancestors Were From the Promised Land,   Shabbat at Chabad Mumbai,   First Hand Account of Israel's Independence, 1948,   Mendel the Chassid moves to Boynton Beach,   Jewish Guide to Celebrating the Non-Jewish New Year,   From the Spanish History of Jewish Conversos to Catholicism,   Humor PageA Tiny Bit of Humor Lights Up a Face,   Borsht and Russian Literature,   Rugalach Recipe and Story: Miracle #34,   Getting Ready for a New Year?,   Hate Censorship or Jewish Freedom of Speech?,   James Bond, Jabotinsky and the Holocaust,   Lillian Loewe, 1914,   If I forget thee... Why I am an Israeli,   A Fascinating Story of Saadia Gelb from Galicia to America to Kfar Blum, Israel,   and   The Shabbat Challah Gave Me Strength

November 2008
Album of the Damned, Unusual and Rare Snapshots from the Third Reich,   Going into the Winter with Succoth, Shavuot, and Passover,   Cotopaxi, The Failed Jewish Farming Experiment in America,   Choni HaMa'agal, The Famous Story of the Circle on the Ground,   Wooden Tombstones from Old Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe,   Letting Go,   My Trusted Teacher, Mr. Fischer, Personal Holocaust Experience ,   The Riegner Telegram, Could it have Stopped the Holocaust?,   Frozen in Time, Going Back to my Father's Shtetl, Rokiskis,   The Tears of Yefimovich, Living Through Stalin's Communist Paradise,   How to Get the World To Hate Israel,   The Messianic era is likened to a Woman in the throes of Childbirth,   The Kings of the Jews,   Baseball in Israel,   A Time to Make Up for what is Lacking in Israel,   An Unbelievable Tour of Israeli Artifacts at the Israeli Museum,   An American Soldier in Israel's War of Independence,   What a joy it is to bless, and to be blessed,   Humor Page,   Tribute to a giant of Revisionist Zionism,   Bircza, Poland - Jewish Roots,   The Hand of Divine Justice,   Jewish Questions: Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period,   Names are important in Boynton Beach,   The Greed, a Story,   A Poem about Nathan the Prophet and King David,   and Israel, God and a Dream Returned,  

Sept - Oct 2008 High Holidays
Horoscope for the New Year 5769,   How did God Create the World?,   The Jewish Month of Elul and Rosh Hashanah,   Asser Levy, the First Jewish Police Officer in North America,   Rosh Hashanah: Is your Spiritual Portfolio in Balance?,   The Missing Shofar A Story ,   Protecting Family Values,   A Professor Retires,   God's Sukkah is Safe,   Divide Jerusalem?,   The Woman I See at the Mikvah,   The Jews of Weequahic,   Three Days by the Dead Sea,   Yom Kippur is about being Human,   Film Review: Refusenik,   First Israeli Flying Ace, George Ernest Goodman,   Yom Kippur and Free Choice,   Humor Page,   Pincus, the Shamus Jewish Detective Story,   The Holocaust Music Miracle,   Where Was God? Holocaust Poem,   Leon Greenman (Holocaust survivor # 98288),   What Happens to Jewish Child who is Expelled from Jewish School?,   Two Jewish Poems,   Psalm 95,   The Cycle of Life,   God, God, twice on Elul,  

July - August 2008
Pidyon Haben - the Rare Mitzvah,   Selecting a Mate,   What is New in Jerusalem: The Harp or the Finger?,   Customs of the Seventeenth of Tamuz,   Tisha B'Av - the Day in Tradition,   Tisha B' Av and Reflections on the Meaning of Baseless Hatred ,   Moses and Joshua - Two Levels of Humility,   The Sabbatical Year Today in Israel,   Just a Box in the Basement,   Tweaking Baby Abigail's Nose,   Music in the Holy Temple,   Tisha B' Av and Reflections on the Meaning of Baseless Hatred,   Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, Jewish British Secretary of State for War,   Genealogy and the Holocaust - The Other Raphael,   Genealogy Turns Up Jewish Roots,   Comforting the Poor,   Humor Page,   the Ottoman Empire, a Book Review,   The Jewish Dog in Boynton Beach,   Israel's Vitality,   Sound Effects: Jewish Stories in Hawaii,  and Psalm 86,  

June 2008
Jewish Sexual Customs - A Brief Guide to Family Purity,   Judaism's Positive Approach to Converts,   Ruth, the Perfect Convert,   Mount Sinai was all in Smoke - The Torah was Revealed,   Our Life Stands on Three Things, What are They? ,   The Soul and its Purpose in this World,   The Tosphos, the Grandchildren of Rashi,   The Power of Self-Acceptance,   A Jerk or in the Image of God? ,   My Mother's Song,   Psalm 144 Praise to him, the Lord my Rock,   A Tale of Two Sergeants, Sam Dreben, American Soldier and Jewish Hero,   The Holocaust and Toy Electric Trains,   The Golem and its History,   History of a Tragedy: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain,   Humor Page,   Herzl Day - Did You Ever Hear of it? ,   A personal view of Israel on her 60th anniversary,   The Speech that Olmert Should Have Made,   Hamas and the Lesson of Prussia,  and   Refuting the Arab Power Speakers,  

May 2008
Astrological Forecast for Israel on its 60th Birthday,   Jews in the Confederate Army,   Rabbi Akiva and Lag B'Omer,   The Second Passover, an Ancient Holiday,   To be a free people in our land,   Jerusalem is One,   Six Million Drops of Blood from the Holocaust,   Israel and Humanitarian Respect,   Jews of India,   We Plan, God Laughs,   The Last Jews on Irvington Avenue,   Developments in Technology in Jewish Schools in Eastern Europe,   Caleb - I Stood Apart,   A Tribute to the Holocaust Victims A Poem,   Jewish Aviators, Charles Levine and Arthur Welsh,   Flashback to 1948 at the Begining of Statehood,   What is the Omer? ,   Why is the Traditional Liberal Jew becoming Conservative?,   Humor Page ,   What is the Connection between Kosher Animals and Kosher People?,   The Clothing of the Priests in the Temple,   Happiness in Daily Life,   Book Review: Greece: A Jewish History,   The Choir in Jewish History,   A Brief History of Bikur Holim Hospital,  and   Philo-Semites, the Laws of Kashrut, and the Folks in My Condo's Swimming Pool

April 2008 Passover Special
Passover Guide for 2008, What to do when the Shabbat precedes Passover,   The Golem of Prague and the Passover Connection,   A Passover Haggadah Free Online Download,   What can we learn from Chametz and Passover?,   Matzah, Its Story and Ours,   Sephardic Traditions at the Passover Seder,   Passover Matzah Ball Recipes,   The Festive Meal, A Story About divorce, food, family, death, Judaism,   The Seder According to Shakespeare,   Gabriel, Age Two, Opens the Door for Elijah, A Passover Poem,   The True Story of the Last in Herzl's Family,   Jews Fighting For Their Country,   Book Review: New Mexico's Crypto-Jews: Image & Memory,   Humor Page,   The Menorah, the Swastika, and You Tube,   Ethics of the Fathers, Chassidic Thought, and . Super Bowl XLII,   Saying kaddish on the road was always a challenge,   The Kippa in History and Tradition,   Jezebel - She Led a Nation,   A Hike to Another World,   and   Suicide Bomber A Poem,  

Feb-March 2008 Purim Special
A Brief Guide for Purim Observance,   Adar and the Signs of the Zodiac,   Rembrandt and The Purim Story,   The Gragger, Purim and Amalek,   The Half Shekel and the Month of Adar,   Hamantaschen Recipe and Purim History,   Jewish Leap Years, Adar II, and Joy,   Purim in Music,   A Purim Story ,   Purim - Not Your Neighbor's Halloween,   Educating Chilren in Giving and Charity,   The Wei Pei Chinese Restaurant,   A Jew is a Jew is a Jew,   My Personal Lesson from General Patton,   Deborah, the Prophetess,   The Tabernacle in the World of Hasidic Mysticism,   Humor Page,   Making Kiddush on Friday Night - a Brief Guide,   The Hungarian Holocaust,   Mother in the French Resistance Maquis,   The Jews in Hungary under Communist Rule,   Under Father's Tent, Still and Always,   She asked,"Are there many Jewish students at your school?",  and Is Peace with the Arabs Possible?,  

January 2008
Jewish Horoscope for 2008,   Tu B'Shvat: New Year for Trees ,   To Believe or not to Believe, that is the Question,   A Tale of How Frank Sinatra Saved the Jews,   By What do Women Earn a Place in the Next World? - from the Talmud,   A Kabbalistic Understanding of Good and Evil,   Even If We are Good, Why is There Punishment in the Next World? ,   When Cursing with the Mamalushen rises to Shakespearean heights,   Being Frank with Anne - A Poem,   Knowing made her strong - An Anne Frank Poem,   Shabbat and the Renewal of Time Psalm 148 - Praise God within the heav'ns above ,   America's New Super Weapon,   J'accuse - Was the Mohammad al Dura filming staged? ,   Kerem Avraham - A Small Piece of the History of Jerusalem,   The American War Congress (of 1918) and Zionism ,   A Jewess in Bahrain,   Whether You Say Humor or Humour, Its Still Good Humor.... ,   Morrie and Zelda,   Does Wealth Mean Wisdom? - a Parable ,   Arab Israel Conflict - Back to Basics,   Journey Back to My Grandmother's Russia,   Remembering the Jewish Boy in Ireland,   and   Crystal Night ,  


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