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November-December 2010 Chanuka Edition  
From our History: Torquemada and the Inquisition,     Who murdered Chaim Arlosoroff?,     An Introduction to Understanding the Hasidic Mystical System,     What Claim do the Jews have to the Land of Israel?,     Jewish Letters from Letters from Jasionowka, Poland - 1887 Shed Light on Jewish Life,     The Humorous Case of the Bar Mitzvah Suit,     Barney Ross, Jewish-American Boxing Champion and War Hero,     Jews Who Live Beyond Reality,     Surviving the Reich: The World War II Saga of a Jewish-American GI ,     Why Russian Israelis are against Clinton's Peace Proposals,     Its a Sin: Growing Up Jewish,     The Story from the Talmudic Sage, Choni HaMagel,     Israel: Making the Dream into the Reality,     and for Chanuka: Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah, and to see more Chanuka related articles CLICK HERE.

October/November 2010  
The Struggle for the Jewish Legion and The Birth of the IDF,     Belief in God and Judiasm,     Mohammad and the Jews,     Humor to Make it through the Dreary Day,     Visit To Poland's Concentration Camps,     Is Religion and Spirituality the Same?,     What keeps Jews Going on the Jewish Journey throughout History?,     Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist's Guide,     Istanbul Intrigue: What if FDR Listented?,     Harry meets Aunt Rhona & Uncle Morris,     How To Win A Jewish Princess,     Waiting: The story of Israel, the kite flyer,     Stalin's Problem with Molotov's Jewish Wife,     Joshua, Achan, and the Sin of the Israelites,     Divine Dough and Challah Recipe,     Polish Holocaust Memoir,     Leaving the Jewish Holydays and Entering Winter,     "Hey Waiter. There's God in My Soup!",     When Lightning Strikes.Schluff!,     What Exactly is the Arab-Israeli Conflict About?,     Alternatives to Urban Living,     Birthing Day in Jerusalem,     On Returning from Israel,   and   Oneness:;a Poem

September 2010  High Holidays  
Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5771-2010,     Eruv Tavshilin: What's that?? a Brief Explanation,     Jewish Astrological Forecast for 5771,     Sarah, Rosh HaShanah, Hope and Change,     Reflections for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,     a Prayer at the Kotel for the New Year,     Rosh Hashanah in Antarctica: a Chilling Experience,     Tashlich, Water and Rosh HaShanah,     Rosh Hashanah: the Power to Change,     During Kol Nidre, a Poem,     The Mitzvah of Eating before Yom Kippur,     Yonah - A Lesson of Self-awareness,     Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) and the Succah ,     Succah Explained in Time, Space and Soul,     Ethical Thought and Ethical Behavior,   and   Simchat Beit HaShoeva: The Secret of the Otherworldly Happiness during the Water Sacrifices of the Sukkoth Holiday,   and   MUCH MORE!

August 2010  
Secular Learning versus Yeshiva Learning - What is the Difference?,     Judge Brandeis, President Wilson and Reverend William E. Blackstone changed Jewish history,     Old European Synagogues,     Cool Humor for a Hot Month,     Slichot at the Kotel In Elul,     A Wedding in Town,     The Baal Shem Tov's Midnight Visitor: Humor,     Mandelbread - It Really Is Never Too Late,     Israel's Prime Ministers,     The Meaning of Life and Other Hilarities,     A Jewish Bankruptcy,     Saying Goodbye to the Holidays: What Next?,     In Jerusalem,     The Mystic Experience in Israel,     The Wandering Phone: Humor,   and   Ezra: A Jewish Story

July 2010  
Polish Jewish Cemeteries,     Theodore Herzl, Rev. William Hechler and the Zionist Beginnings,     So the Temple was destroyed, what now?,     Humor and Joke Page,     Waiting for the Messiah,     Never forget the Holocaust!,     Movie Review: A Serious Man,     The Andorra Star was sunk with German Jewish refugees,     Healthy Body, but is it a mitzvah?,     Do You Remember the Catskills?,     Coinage in Talmudic Literature,     S. Y. Agnon, an Anyalsis of his Works,     Small Change Inspires Big Changes,     Grandparents Missing, Grandchildren Missing,     Trying Moments, Giving Thanks,     Stories and Poems Specials:  A Beautiful Temple to One God,     A Tisha B'Av Story,     From Tiny Acorns Grow: a Story,     The Spider and the Schnitzel, One Poem, Three Versions,    

June 2010  
Moses Mendelssohn - The Jewish Reformer,     Angels and Demons,     Tamuz and Av, Jewish months with a Historic Past,     Understanding G-d by Exploring the Hebrew Meaning of His Two Names,     Marriages and Shidduchs, Mazel and Meeting your Mate,     Albert Einstein and His Mission in Turkey,     Remembering Sergeant Harry Fisher,     Humor and Joke Page,     The S.S. Ben Hecht: "The Mandate of Conscience", An Obscured Tale of Zionist Heroism,     Dona, Dona - The Mystical Explanation of an old Jewish Folk Song,     King David and the USA, What Do They Have in Common?,     Censorship in Canada,     Seeking Balance between Ahab and Abraham,     German Jews in the Allied Military during World War II,     The Eleventh Commandment? A Light-hearted Look: Remembering Hebrew School and Bas Mitzvah,     What is Wrong with Israelis?,     Tisha B'av: Lessons about Joy and Sadness,     Tisha B'Av Probability Analysis,     Exploring Old Mikvas in Poland,     The Changing Face of Holocaust Memory,     Kiddish: Charles Rosenberg, a Holocaust Survivor and Man of Faith,     Genesis Re-Examined: Could the Torah Be Scientifically Correct?,     Elisha Ben-Yitzhak - My Journey from the Kibbutz to Art,   and   The Meaning of the 3 Stones Placed on Tombstones,    

April - May 2010, and Shavout
The Hungarian Holocaust Experience,     What is, what was the Omer?,     Tales from Poland's Grave Yards,     Four Types of Parents: What Happens when you Combine the Mishna of Baba Kama with Mystical Concepts?,     A Normal Jewish Death: A Yom Ha Shoah Remembrance,     What Was Shakespeare's Jewish Connection?,     Shavuot, it was the Festival of the First Fruits,     Jewish Genealogy from the Shtetl to the Holocaust and Israel,     Humor and Joke Page,     The Reward for Holiness,     American "Righteous Gentiles Among the Nations",     Book Review: Religious Compulsions and Fears,     Book Review: Good Arabs: The Israeli Security Agencies and the Israeli Arabs, 1948-1967,     "...and God Spoke" How did He speak??,     What do the Arabs want from Israel?,     Reward for a Mitzvah,     Establishing a Joyous Relationship between Man, Nature and God,     There are Four Types of Pleasure,     A Story about Life and Death,     What Teddy Wanted, A Jewish Story,     The Diary of Abraham Rosenman, A Story based on the Holocaust,     The Choice to Fight: When a Father has Cancer,     A Jewish Love Story: the Golem's Heart,     The Aunt, a Jewish story,     Counting the Omer, a poem,     Joe and Paul, A Jewish Poem with some Yiddish words,   and   The People Triumphant - a Poem,    

March 2010, and Passover
Guide for Making an Easy and Enjoyable Seder,     The Importance of Passover, Its the central point of Judaism,     Passover Humor,     Selling of Chametz from a Historical Prospective,     Red, a Sign - A Passover Poem,     Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish State of Ararat ,     Jim Levy, Irish Jewish Gunfighter of the Old West,     A God Who Hates - New Book by Wafa Sultan,     A Light in the Dark - Personal Holocaust Experience,     The Extremist Nature of Israel Apartheid Week,     Growing up in the East End of London: Recollections of World War II in East London,     Book Review: Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule,     Jewish Wedding Traditions: the Sheva Brachot Custom,     Spirituality, Belief and Celebration,     Sin, what and why,     Rediscovering the beauty and the Love of the Land of Israel,     Samson's Walls, an excerpt from a new book on Samson,     The Jewish Search for Meaning Started with Abraham,     Following Joseph Home,     The Chosen People Choose,     and     The Metaphorphoses of Rabbi Moskowitz - a Jewish story,    

February 2010 Purim
Concise Guide to Purim,   A True but Hilarious Story of a Purim Pageant,   Purim isn't Purim with out Jewish Jokes and Humor,   Making Wine in Israel,   Esther from Bialstok - Storys from the Past, Pictures from the Grave Stones,   Purim:   Purim; Happiness & Success,   How The Four Mitzvot of Purim Emphasize Jewish Togetherness,   Purim & Being Happy the Whole Year,   Purim's Message For Us Today,   Purim, Adar & Happiness throughout the Year,   Comparing Purim Miracles to Passover Miracles,   Mishloach Manot - Jewish Trick or Treat,     Megilah:   The Megillah is in itself a Celebration,   the Secret of the Megilah,   the Megilat Esther,   Esther, How Could She Do It?,   Purim Recipes:   Hamantaschen Recipe and Purim History,   Hamatashen or Oznai Haman Recipe,   Purim Misc:   Purim Differences: In and Out of Walled Cities,   Purim How You've Changed,   Purim & Chanukah Similarities and Differences,   Drinking:   Drinking and Celebrating Purim - Ad d'lo Yada,   Drinking on Purim,   Drinking, Religion and Purim,   Purim History:   The History of Purim,   Purim with Stalin,   Rembrandt and The Purim Story,   The Gragger, Purim and Amalek,   One Purim; Two Hamans and Czar Nicholas I ,   Going Back to the Original Purim to Shushan and Mordechai,   Purim, Haman, Hitler, and the Arabs,   Month of Adar:   The Month of Adar, Purim, Miracles, Happiness, and Passover,   Adar and the Signs of the Zodiac,   The Half Shekel and the Month of Adar,   Purim Stories and Poems:   A Purim Story about a Gift,   No One Can Talk to the Birds - Story for Purim,   the Story of Esther,   Rediscovering Purim - A Bronx Tale ,   Finding Faith and Trust in the Masks of Purim,   Purim - Not Your Neighbor's Halloween,   Purim in Music,  

January 2010  
Jewish Kabalistic Horoscope for 2010,   Customs and Traditions for the Bride and Groom on the Day of the Wedding,   Life of a Jew in Prison during the Jewish Holidays,   I am Daniel Deronda,   Coming of Age in Skokie, the Bar Mitzvah Rite,   Covering the Mirror in the House of Mourning,   Jewish Magazine Joke and Humor Page,   Pleasure and the Next World,   Defining the Essence of Judaism,   The Entrance to Hell as Defined by the Talmud,   Jewish Humor: How Lawyers came to be,   Once in a New Moon,   The Sabbath, the most precious of times,   Getting Jewish Education off Life Support,   Tombstones from European Cemeteries tell stories of Jewish Martyrs,   A Refugee Life: Shanghai 1939-1949,   Holocaust survivor Kitty Williams tells her story,   Visiting Dachau, memories from the Holocaust,   East European Murder of Jews,   Remembering World War II from England,   Beyond the Kinder Transport,   Personal Tales from the Krakow Ghetto,   the Exodus: the Ship that Launched a Nation,   a Story of a Menorah in Berlin,   Teachings from the central point of Kaballah,   As guest of honour,   The Three Coffins,   and The Broken Vav,  


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