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December 2009 All Chanukah Magazine
All About Chanuka,     Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah,     Chanukah can be a Difficult Time for Victims of Incest, Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse,     the Fourth Chanukah Candle,     Chanuka Memories,     What is the Essence of Hannuka?,     The Greeks made three decrees against the Jews: the brit (circumcision), Shabbat observance, and the New Moon.,     Mystical Explanation of the Chanukah Lights,     Chanukah - When is it Neccessary to Fight?,     The Inner Secrets of Lighting the Chanukah Menorah from the Talmud,     Chanukah Poem,     A Hanukkah Prayer,     Lighting the Chanukah Menorah Outside the House,     The Menorah,     Chanukah and Shabbat Candle Lighting,     Chanuka in Shetland,     The Mystical Understanding of Chanukah,     Chanukah - Roadmap to Successful Jewish Education,     Chanukah and International Pressure,     Chanukah and Hope,     Chanukah, the Academies of Hillel & Shamai,     What Was the Miracle in the Oil?,     Hanukah; the Real Story,     What are Jews Celebrating on Chanukah?,     Potato Latke Recipe,     Chanukah Recipe,     Potato Pancake (Latkes) Recipe,     Chanuka Latkes,     Mazel Tov & Opa! The Hellenized Latke,     and even More Recipes...,     Chanukah Jokes and Hanuka Humor,     Is it spelled Chanuka or Hanuka, or maybe Chanukkah or maybe Hanukkah or maybe... a Humorous Story about Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Kravitz and Chanukah,     Could Santa Bring a Hanukka Present?,     the Pseudo Chanukah Fairy,     The Dreidel Song Revised,     A Brief History of Chanukah Lights, Tongue in Cheek,     Reflecting on Chanukah,     Chanuka's Mystical Ecstasy,     Chanukah's Message to Us,     The Menorah and the Mezuzah ,     Purim & Chanukah Similarities and Differences,     Chanukah A Time of Inspiration,     Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,     Menorah Shopping in Texas,     Reflections on Chanukah & Christmas,     Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,     Chanukah Miracle,     Ancient Dreams & Renewal of Hope,     Chanukah - Then & Now,     the Driedel,     Playing Dreidel,     A New Spin On The Dreidel ,     The Silver Menorah,     The Story of Hanukah,     The Kabbalistic Chanukkah Lights,     Hanukah Every Day,     Chanukah Menorah & Mezzuah,     Hanukkah's Candlelight vrs. Sunlight,     Chanukah & the Third Temple,     Chanukkah in the Most Elegant Fashion,     Chanukah and the Holocaust,     Lighting Up Right,     the Spiritual Dimension of Chanukkah,     History of Chanuka,     Chanukah Lights Ablaze Amongst Backpackers,     the Ultimate Triumph,    

November 2009  
Arabs Speaking out against Anti-Semitism: A Risky Business,   Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution,   Adam and the Darkness,   Emails concerning the Creation ,   "I am Joshua, Defender of Israel!",   Holocaust Memory: Not Acting Like an 87-Year-Old,   Mostly Humor,   A Stranger in Paris,   Help Wanted: Getting Jewish Education off Life Support,   First Aid for Jewish Marriages,   Jews in Prison,   The Ottoman Jewish Community of Sudan,   The Kids are Coming!,   General Marie-Pierre Koenig and the Jewish Brigade,   Life Just Ain't Fair,   What is the next world worth?,   Noah, from a truly righteous man to a drunk,   Uriah the Hittite,   The Rambam on Health,   Move Over Sandy Koufax,   The Seasons of Life,   The Widower,   Agnon House,   Why did God bother asking?,  and   Rare pictures from a Jewish Postcard collection,  

Sept.-Oct. 2009   High Holidays
Quick Guide for the Jewish Month of Tishre 5770,,   Concerning Rosh Hashanah: When was the world really created?,   Being on Rosh HaShanah,   By-pass heart surgery was scheduled a week before Rosh Hashanah,   Humor for Yom Kippur,   Rosh Hashanah Guide,   Songs for the Jewish Holy Days and free MP3,   Have a Sweet Year with Chocolate,   This Rosh Hashanah, Be Safe and Go to Shul!,   Soccer Moms: A Story for the Holy Days,   A Yom Kippur Poem: "God of My Father",   Yom Kippur under my Father's Tallit,  and A Yom Kippur Baseball Story,   also make certain to see our gigantic High Holiday issue by clicking here!

August 2009  
? Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 5770?,   ? Stories from my father: A Boy in the Jewish Underground in British Mandate ?Palestine,   ? Elul, the Month of Mystery, unfortunately...?,   ? The Sounds of Elul: Shofar Blasts & School Bells ?,   ? A Personal Glimpse of Jewish Life in Central Europe at the Turn of the Century,   ? Understanding Eichmann and the mentality of the Nazis,   ? A Holocaust Survivor describes life at the Stutthof Concentration Camp,   ? Living in the West Bank - Is He a Jew or Israeli??,   ? The Jewish Experience in the American Army,   ? If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem?,   ? After the 1967 War: A Hands-on Jewish Experience,   ? Sephardic Jews in America: A Diasporic History,   ? Visiting Israel: Givat Ha'Tormossim,   ? Mourning and Moaning: Reflections on Aliyah,   ? Two Happiest Days for Jews are the Fifteenth of Av and Yom Kippur ,   ? ? Remembering: Rationing in Britain during the Second World War,   ? Sacrifices in the Temple and giving Charity ?,   ? Symbolic Sounds of the Shofar,   ? The relationship between the Mormons and the Jews in Utah,   ? Taking a fresh look at the Middle East options,   ? Is the Golus a integral part of a Jew??,   ? Pomegranate Mystery,   Humor or Humour: But is it Funny??,   ? Is There a Blessing for a Computer??,   ? Psalm 98: Let New Songs Arise,   ? A Domain Named Heaven,   and ? Chesed: a Jewish Story of Reconciliation

July 2009  
Fast Days, what for?,   A Holocaust Survivor recalls his life,   Tisha B'Av, Who Needs It?,   The Fourth Shabbat Meal; its source and purpose,   The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the causes of the Holocaust,   Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy The Fall of Beitar and the begining of the Jewish exile,   Book Review: Our Shared Heritage: What it means to be Jewish,   Poems from the Jewish Heart,   What Is Wrong With Astrology?,   Ideologic Hypocrisy,   Alienu - the history of a prayer,   Tisha B'Av experience in Jerusalem,   A Jewish Story takes us back to the Temple service in Jerusalem ,   Can the Secret of Tisha B'av be for Real?,   The Bar Mitzvah Ordeal,   Adon Olam is both a poem and a prayer,   Humor Page,   The Two Types of Survivors,   Both Netanyahu and Obama were Boy Scouts, do they maintain Scout's honor?,   A Jewish Story about a Rabbi facing losing his minyan,   and   The night before a Bris is called Leil Shimurim - a Story,  

June 2009  
Equal Rights for Muggers, Robbers and Homosexuals,   The Little Known Story of a Reverend John Stanley Grauel who helped make Israel Possible,   Shakespeare's Shylock: Why is the Merchant of Venice" called Shakespeare's anti-Semitic play?,   What does Belief in God mean? - Developing Trust in God,   Who Is Wise? Ben Zoma speaks from the Ethics of the Fathers,   An Amazing Account of the Refugees and Rescue durring WWII from the Diaries and Papers of James G. McDonald, 1935-1945,   Perspective on Marriage - What is Between Husband and Wife,   Fine Tuning Your Sabbath Experience,   Banning Jew Haters In Canada. A Knight in Shining Armour or a Trojan Horse?,   Interview with Dr. Sami Alrabaa - On the threshold of a Fiasco,   Saying Farewell to the Shabbat Queen - The Havdalah Ceremony,   God of All Creatures - Remembering Father,   The American Jew: The Future of an Illusion,   The Messenger - A Story: Now Just Who was He? ,   Poems from the Heart enter the Heart,   Only Good News from Israel,   Laughter is as healthy as Chicken Soup,   European Discovery of Egypt,   and   The Golem of Auschwitz - A Fictional Story,  

May 2009  
What was it like at Mount Sinai when the Torah was Given? ,   What was the Controversy Surrounding Counting the Omer? ,   Lag B'Omer: Thinking about Respect,   Historical Perspective of Herzl, Dreyfus and the Zionist Movement,   Lecha Dodi and the Songs of the Shabbat Sanctity - Hear Lecha Dodi mp3,   The Blessings after Bread By Blessing God, Blessings Come to Man,   The True Case of Alfred Nossig, Jewish intellectual, Jewish leader, Jewish traitor,   Hector Nunes, True story of a secret Crypto-Jew who provided intelligence data on Spanish activities to Queen Elizabeth I,   True Story: From the Holocaust to Kentucky,   Horoscope for Israel Independence Day 2009,   What was the Relationship between the Pope, the Vatican and the Nazis? ,   A Tour to "Jewish" Jordan,   Yom Ha-Shoah in Boynton Beach, A Story from the Holocaust,   Find Your Mate; avoid the duds,   Humor Page Laughter is as healthy as Chicken Soup,   A Way Back Home, A Story of a Family's Roots,   A True Story of a Texas Schindler who Saved Jewish lifes,   How People Respond in Emergencies,   Was Does Holiness Mean and What Does it Enable? ,   Poem - God's Help Through Out the Generations,  and A Jewish Story about a Magical Magician,  

April 2009   Passover
A Brief Guide to the Seder with some Short Explanations,   The Real Meaning of All Jewish Holidays,   Experiencing Slavery in Egypt,   Adir Hu: Its Meaning and Melody and Download a free MP3,   Passover: What's the Most Important Thing?,   Matzo Brie: Theory and Recipe,   Passover, a time of hope,   Connecting Passover and the Recession,   If It's Passover, I must be another Year Older,   The night of Pesach - a Passover Poem,   Love in the Canonical Literature,   Books, and no books - a Story,   The Principal of Rivington Street - A Jewish Story,   Blessing on the Sun: Once every Twenty Eight Years,   Hebrew Festival Marred - (Blessing on Sun) From the New York Times, April 8, 1897,   Blessing the Sun and the Redemption of Creation,   The Character of Rabbi Eliezer - An Interesting Lesson from the Talmud,   Joseph Caro, His Books Influence our Lives,   Humor Page - Even with Passover, We snatch a few extra laughs,   Can you Carry that which Cannot be Carried?,   The Furher's Story - Doing Business with a Nazi,   A Demon in Galicia, Its Exorcism, and What Happened After,   Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Laws of War,   A Jewish Girl Growing up in Castro's Cuba,   Psalm 39,   and   A personal visit with Gilad Shalit's family

March 2009   PURIM
Drinking and Celebrating Purim - Ad d'lo Yada,   Basic Guide for Celebrating Purim,   President Lincoln, General Grant and the Jews,   Going Back to the Original Purim to Shushan and Mordechai,   No One Can Talk to the Birds - Story for Purim,   A Jewish Girl comes of Age and leaves the Yankees behind her,   Yiskor for Ruchela,   Stress and Anxiety Study - free on-line treatment to Jews,   Emotions and Devotion in Synagogue Song,   Separation in Together, a Poem,   In Strange Ways - a Story,   Under the Wedding Canopy - a Historical Perspective,   Grandma's Love and a Kreplach recipe,   Canada's own 'Mashuginah Goy',   Humor Page,   The Expulsion from Gush Katif - Book Review,   Mendel the Chassid and Norman and the Dog,   Maintaining Good Relationships even amidst Arguments,   The Wisdom of Shlomo, the Barber that is... Understanding the Arab Mind,   The Children's Hour in Gaza,   The Accidental Congregation,   and The Wisdom of the Hebrew Language,  

February 2009
"Murder Inc.", Balad, the Israel Supreme Court and Meyer Lansky,   Is Yours one of the Great Marriages?,   Customs from the Wedding Chupah ,   Hypocrisy in Europe Surfaces During Gaza War,   What is the Difference between a Bracha and a Blessing?,   Make 2009 A Year of Simple Pleasures,   Dreams, a Jewish Story,   Making a Minyan on the Cruise,   My Uncle Milton discovered the Bullah when he was four years old.,   The Importance of the Shabbat Songs,   Jewish Food and their Problems,   Psalm 92,   Two Jewish Poems,   The Hebrew quarterback who changed football forever,   Tu BeShevat and the Message from the Trees,   Tu B'Shvat - A Time for Hidden Beginnings ,   Israel: The Separation Fence,   Humor Page,   Mysticism, Sepherot and Kingship,   How a Holocaust Survivor was Caught "Fabricating",   Obstacles to Peace in Middle East,   What the Gaza Strip could have been,   and,   From the Boynton Beach Chronicles

January 2009
Jewish Meditation, is it the unknown mitzvah?,   What do you know about the Expulsion of the Jews from England?,   My Socialist Bar Mitzvah,   The Guy with the Skirt,   General George Patton knew how to fight a war,   Jewish Ethics in War,   The Zohar on Aaron the Priest,   Small Wineries in Israel,   We Won,   Music of the Jews,   Sarona the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars - History,   Anger and G-d's Providence,   God of the Yankees,   Humor Page,   Six Remembrances,   Living (semi) retired in Boynton Beach,   Jewish Health Issues,   Psalm 96,   Dancing between Beasts and Angels,   No Returns a Jewish Story,   and Two Jewish Poems


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