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January 2014  
The U.S.S.Georgia and The Mystery of Seaman Benjamin Kreiger
Humor Page, Chuckles for U
Past and Prologue
Unknown Story Of American Rescues Of Children Of The Holocaust
How Royal British Mail Missed The Kindertransport Train
The Countess: A story dealing with a ten year old Brooklyn boy's first direct contact with the Holocaust
My Rendezvous with Destiny: The Letter From America That Changed Our Lives
Book Review: The Sages: The Galilean Period
Joseph in America: Comparing the Biblical Story of Joseph in Egypt to Today's Situation for the Jews in America
The Case of the Hidden Saint
How Are We to Relate to God?
Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children
A Carpet of Leaves: A Beautiful Story
The Pseudo-Jewish Fetish with "Tikkun Olam"
Confronting My Own "Snakes"
10 Yiddish Words That Everyone Must Know
Grown Up At Nine During World War II: A Jewish Story
The Lone Ranger if he were Jewish


February 2014  
See Purim


March/April 2014  
See Passover


May/June 2014  
The Dilemma of the American Jewish Identity
Democracy vs. Judaism
How I Became a Zionist
Humor Page Would You Believe What is Written Here is Funny? Nah!
Who is Buried in Israel's First National Cemetery?
Yiddish Curses are today's Jewish Trash Talk
Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up?
The Yiddish Burial Ceremony: A Story
The World of Chaiyes: Animal Life in the Yiddish World
The Symbolism of the Bull as Understood in the Holy Books
Rebbi Zushia's Secret to Joy of Living: a Chassidic Classic
The Countess of Desart: Ellen Odette Bischoffsheim True Story
Is the Spiritual Dependent on the Physical or is the Physical Dependent on the Spiritual?
Money and Happiness: What is the Relation?
Jewish in the Middle: An Advantage and Disadvantage
The Nature of Nature and the Nature God
Three Types of Jewish Meditation
Aunt Sadie and the Coal Dust- A True Story
Poems Honoring Righteous Gentiles During The Nazi Holocaust
O Israel - A Poem
Poems based on the Medrash


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